Different WF Logins for Different Businesses?

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Dear WF Admins,

Is it permissible for us to have different Logins to / Usernames on the Warrior Forum for our different businesses?

One of the reasons I am asking now is in order to have separate Blogs here under these different Usernames which would allow them to be more Topically Focused relative to each of these (very different) businesses, you know?

Thank you for All of your help and Have a Great Day!

- Michael
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    I'm pretty sure that is not allowed but I might be wrong.

    I'd look in the TOS.
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      Where may I find the TOS for the Warrior Forum?

      I read the rules at the top of this forum and didn't seeing anything addressing this question, so ... ??

      I also Searched both the FAQs and the Forums for the TOS and couldn't find anything, so ... ???

      May someone / a WF Admin Please respond and answer this question for all of our information?

      Thank you again for your help and Have a Great Day!

      - Michael

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