Which Marketing Master would you work with?

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I’m interested in who you would choose to work with for
a project OUTSIDE the ‘Making Money’ niche. For example,
acne, weight loss, singles site, or any other.

I’m talking about some big boys of marketing. Guys like Dan
Kennedy, Michael Masterson, Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker, John
Reese, Allen Says, Eban Pagan, Jonathan Mizel, Rich Schefren,
Jimmy Brown, Marlon Sanders, Frank Kern, Jim Edwards, etc.

(Don't limit yourself to that list)

If you could work with any of them on a project that DID NOT
target 'opportunity seekers & money making', and at no cost,
who would you choose?

I’d love to hear who, and why. Thanks.

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  • Profile picture of the author Deep.Arora
    I absorb everything that comes out from Rich Schefren (strategicprofits.com)..love his teachings!!
    • Profile picture of the author Daniel Molano
      Great question!

      Within the IM niche probably John Reese, but since the question is oriented towards outside that niche, probably Eben Pagan, he's proven to be a genius in several niches.
  • Profile picture of the author Kyle Tully
    Out of those you listed, Dan Kennedy without doubt.

    He's the guy all the others learned from
    • Profile picture of the author Tristan Bull
      Eban Pagen is cool and knows his stuff outside of IM. Frank Kern obviously as well. I mean they all know their stuff.

      I think something else to consider would be personalities, who seems to grab you the most and who you think you would be able to learn the most from and click with.

      I also like Michael Cheney's style, he is very easy to get along with and talk to although he is mainly in the IM niche.
    • Profile picture of the author admin
      Originally Posted by Kyle Tully View Post

      Out of those you listed, Dan Kennedy without doubt.

      He's the guy all the others learned from

      I'm not sure about the others he mentioned but I was making money long before I ever heard of Dan Kennedy. Not sure where you get that kind of info from :-)
  • Profile picture of the author Ephrils
    I like this question There's only 2 big time marketers I've ever really paid attention to.

    The first is John Reese. I got Traffic Secrets 1. I'd love to pick his brain and see if I can duplicate his success. I've always liked his work.

    The second is Eben Pagan. I just like his approach and how easy going he seems. If I could make what he does in an hour I'd be REALLY happy He seems to really understand people and get into lots of difficult niches.
    • Profile picture of the author naruq
      Dan Kennedy and Yanik Silver. Dan Kennedy has mentored multi-millionaire Internet marketers and direct marketers. Yanik Silver for Internet Marketing. As a matter of Fact, Yanik Silver is one of Dan Kennedy's students.
  • Profile picture of the author Lance K
    Without a doubt...

    • Profile picture of the author Lance K
      Originally Posted by Lance K View Post

      Without a doubt...

      Oh yea, and if Jay isn't available, I wouldn't mind working with Alex Mandossian OR John Scherer (the Video Professor guy).
  • Profile picture of the author Allegro
    Did someone already mention Steve Pavlina?
  • Profile picture of the author Chris W. Sutton
    Pfffft! Are you kidding me? Those guys you mentioned are all good but they don't even come close to the king of the internet!

    I'm talking about the man who made Milwaukee famous!

    I'm talking about the man who takes you where the rubber meets the road!

    I'm talking about the man who put the "priceless" in the MasterCard commercial!

    I'm talking about the man who can get up and get away!

    I'm talking about the man who can tell you where the beef is!

    I'm talking about the man who obeys his thirst!

    I'm talking about the man who is the real thing!

    I'm talking about the one, the only, everybody's favorite teeter-totterer...

    Eric Louviere

    and since no one bothered to mention some of the best people who are ladies, just let me also say I would love to work with Tiffany Dow, Kymi Standerline, Rachel Goodchild, Becky Hagel, Angela Edwards, Christy Knowlton, Anna Johnson, Lynn Terry, Debbie Bressler, Alice Seba, Janet Sawyer, AllisonG (okay, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention), Judy (zapseo) Koppenhoffenwiserwhatever-her-last-name-is, and others who I can't think of right now because my mind has gone blank. I'm sorry if I missed you!

    I didn't mention Bev Clement because I talk to her every day and, besides, she can be mean to me sometimes. I didn't mention Mary Murtha because I talk to her a lot, too. She stays too busy to work with anyone, anyway.

    I would work with any one of those ladies before I would most of the other guys mentioned because I have found that women marketers are much easier to work with. In my opinion, they are better team players and much more organized.
  • Profile picture of the author Christopher R Everson
    A toss up between corey rudl and gary halbert.
  • Profile picture of the author alfardo
    Its Ed Dale and Dan Raine for me every time. I love Frank Kerns work and jason Moffatt is a pretty cool dude also.
  • Profile picture of the author NoBoss
    Phil Wiley
  • Profile picture of the author virtualpro
    They're all great, but they don't influence me enough.

    No one can beat my family.

  • Profile picture of the author KimW
    David Vallieres and/or John Delavera
    David because he writes great copy.
    John because I've watched him start here years ago with one product and then become very successful.
  • Profile picture of the author rogerlodge
    1. Dan Kennedy (he's forgotten more about marketing than we'll ever know)

    2. Jay Abraham (he's the original marketing genius)

    3. David Frey (he's a genius at offline to online marketing in different niches)

    4. Ryan Deis (very smart guy, I like his style and his approach to niche marketing)

    5. Ben Hart (kinda like David Frey. Knows offline / online marketing extremely well)

    • Profile picture of the author Shaun OReilly
      I'd choose someone like Ken McCarthy or Jay Abraham.

      However, here's a mind technique that you can use to get advice from
      your marketing master right now.

      Read all of their materials, listen to their audios, watch their videos and
      just absorb yourself in their approach and philosophy. Get their material
      into your bones.

      Then, in your mind's eye, imagine that they're in the room with you RIGHT
      NOW disucussing your project with you.

      Ask them some questions on your situation and imagine what advice they'd
      give you if you were to ask them.

      You'll be surprised at how 'on the money' some of the advice they give you is.

      By the way, this technique is nothing new. Napoleon Hill mentions it in his
      book Think & Grow Rich where he talks about having a mental board of
      directors that you consult with anytime.

      The neat twist about this is that you can have any marketing master - dead
      or alive. So go on, you can even add Claude Hopkins, John Caples, Gary
      Halbert, Eugene Schwartz, etc.

      Just add your own heros and sheros and ask away.

      I have a mental board of directors for marketing, for copywriting and even
      for personal development.

      I hope you find this useful.

      Best wishes,

  • Profile picture of the author matthewd
    Steven Wagenheim hit the nail right on the head for what I was thinking.

    All those guys seem cool, but they are marketing to us, so of course they seem cool.

    There is one that popped into my mind quickly though and fortunately, I do know him pretty well. The person I would choose over anyone is Travis Sago. I have had the chance to work with him a bit and have made a ton of money because of him already, but would love to work with him on a bigger level.
  • Profile picture of the author Internet Stores
    I think I would learn and partner with Michael Cheney. Although, he is in the Internet Marketing niche. I like his style and he is easy to talk to! I enjoy his webcam presentations too. He's a pretty cool, fun guy.
  • Profile picture of the author lassitermarketing
    Frank Kern.
  • Profile picture of the author Chris_King
    I would go with Dan Kennedy. Everything I have read from him is gold, and he obviously knows his stuff outside of the IM niche.
  • Profile picture of the author ramselly
    As I started looking up the people you mentioned to read up on them, I came across a US/Canada Marketing Team list that kind of matched this discussion. Here are the people it listed:
    Rich Schefren
    John Reese
    Jim Edwards
    Mike Filsaime
    Frank Kern
    Armand Morin
    Dan Kennedy
    Derek Gehl
    Stephen Pierce
    Yank Silver
    Joe Vitale
    Alex Mandossian

    It's for the "2008 Internet Marketing Ryder Cup", anyone know about it?
    • Profile picture of the author sgs
      David Vallieres - he is thoughtful, not at all pushy, and I love his style.

      He also has fewer typos than many others. Typos for me are a complete turn off -- if the copy has typos, then I know the writer a) hasn't shown it to anyone or b) doesn't care enough to get it right. And if that's the case - then how valuable is the material?

      The first article I ever read about IM was "Fail as Fast as Possible" - just great.

      aka -- sgs

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