Is there any true good PLR content sites out there?

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I am looking for a few good PLR sites that people have used that they actually like the products and use them themselves.

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    I belong to myself. It's a bit expensive, but the products they put out each month are good quality. The articles need some cleanup before they go out the door, but the full PDF products they create are usually pretty good.
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      I think these days there is alot of good sites out there the question is once you have the PLR material in your hands what are you going to do with it.

      Many think buying into quality PLR material is going to eliminate the work.

      So far from the truth.

      It amazes me how many people rush to republish the plr material on the web fast so they can claim they are the original publishers, so far from the truth with this is all about.

      It servers as only a starting point, if you want to be successful with PLR material.

      You still have to modify what you buy to make it unique and give it the extras for your buyers.

      Heck, there is even great Free PLR material out there, but again its what you do with it.

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    I hope you'll consider mine:

    Edmund Loh's PLRGold: Enterprise | Grab the Private Label Rights to Over 48 Top Quality Products!

    I've been keeping tabs with a number of my customers and many of them have profited wildly from my PLR products, newbies in the 3 figure range, many at the 4-figure range, and rare cases of 5-6 figure annual.

    Of course, another big factor is in how you leverage on the Private Label Rights (though I have this course covered as well).

    -- Edmund Loh
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    Originally Posted by Jason Zalesky View Post

    I am looking for a few good PLR sites that people have used that they actually like the products and use them themselves.

    While the definition of 'good plr' varies from person to person , I hope you mean to say that you need high quality, legible content. If yes, you can look at the Warrior Special Offers section. Besides, Alice Seba, Nicole Dean, Edmund Loh and Tiffany Dow are some of the plr sellers I can recommend.

    If you want plr content on weight loss, you may want to consider Loss PLR Content

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      Is it niche PLR or internet marketing type PLR you're after?

      Sparrow makes a good point RE effective use of private label rights. I see lots of people who get PLR not actually using it effectively (ie taking a little bit of time and effort to make it unique & create unique sales pages that make them stand out).

      Ultimately, it depends on what you need the PLR for, but there are many trusted merchants including Edmund Lo and Jeremy's Surefire Wealth. You can also see my sites on my sig.
      My Premium PLR & Resell Rights Site - Here
      Underground Discount To PLR Club - Here
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    Originally Posted by Jason Zalesky View Post

    I am looking for a few good PLR sites that people have used that they actually like the products and use them themselves.

    Hey Jason,

    I'm going to toot my horn a little bit. If you check my signature file you will find some darn good plr articles. Especially if you are looking for great blogging information.

    Every article is an original article and very easy to change and add your own personality to make it your own. If you check out each one you will see the comments made by your fellow warriors.

    I have the dating and relationship 1 Article A Day which will launch this week.

    The Old Geezer
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    I've been using Stephen Luc's site Instant Private Label Videos
    I have found a few other membership sites selling his videos with resale rights.
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    Check out: - most of the products are PLR content. You can just download it for free without signing up.
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    Answer these questions first...

    1. Are you talking about PLR articles you would use for promotion or generating traffic or PLR products that you can package, bundle and sell?

    2. What niche are you looking at? There are specialized PLR sites and providers that focus on one or two niche markets such as weight loss, personal development, internet marketing, etc...

    I have used PLR for partial content in certain products just as I've used public domain, outsourcing, interviews and numerous other content generation techniques.

    Can help you better once you've answered the questions above.


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