What Screen Capture Frame Rate Do You Use?

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Anyone happen to know what the ideal
screen capture frame rate is for on-screen

(I more-or-less just want to be able to
use Camtasia's "screen draw" tool
without my drawing looking all choppy
on the finished video).

I am interested in the frame rate for the
recording itself... not for the production
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    I don't know if this helps or not but I just use the default setting.
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    I also use the default setting for the capture, but usually drop the frame rate down to 15 fps for screen capture videos when I output them. If I'm capturing live video then I usually set it at 30 fps for output. It really helps to cut down on bandwidth.
  • Profile picture of the author sparrow
    Test is the only answer, I for one go as low as the lowest setting Camtasia allows depending on the matrial I am showing.

    Only yourself will be satisfied with what you feel is sufficient.

    I started out using the defaults but the bandwidth was to much for my liking, so I decided to see what would happen if I used the lowest setting and what do you know, I didn't suffer much.

    So if you have a need test it out use the lowest setting increment it by a number till you see what you want then back it down a few to see if you suffer the quality.

    TEST is the answer.

  • Profile picture of the author Sarah Harvey
    For camtasia I use the default... for gaming (I use FRAPS for that) frame rates a good 30 FPS or 25 FPS is good for capturing without losing to much.
  • Profile picture of the author James Liberty
    I think I once read that Josh Anderson uses 20fps to capture. I think I should probably start there.
  • Profile picture of the author Bearded
    I always capture at the standard rate (29.97), but then when I convert it to online video I usually go down to 10.


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