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I know that some smart people are successfully selling problem-solving information on Fiverr.

My question is a technical one. Can you set it up so that when someone orders, they automatically receive the PDF you are promising them for $5? And if so, how do you do that?

I am not a Fiverr vendor yet and don't want to wade in unless I can set this up to fulfill requests automatically.

Marcia Yudkin
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    I don't think that is possible to my best knowledge.
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    Yup, I think Fiverr will not do this.
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    well there ya have it, they wont do it but what you could do is create a thank you page with the download link and another offer of higher value that they might be interested in
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    Nope...I don't think they support autodelivery at this point.
    BUT, as SeanSupplee stated, i have seen a couple of sellers promote higher priced products to their buyers in the back end. Some even put in a link to their opt in page.
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    I think Sean was on to something. Doesn't Fiverr allow you to request the buyer to reply with information? I suppose you would be able to request that they download the ebook at a "secure URL"

    ... unless fiverr doesnt allow links. Then you might be able to do the whole URL-simple encryption to bypass the filters ie"hxxp://www getbooknow com/fiverr"

    Then I guess all you would have to do is log in once a day and mark all orders as completed.

    Its kind of a rough outline and might work... what do you guys think? What did I miss?

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    Its a good idea. Why dont you try it out? I am sure you will find some buyers for it.
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    If this was allowed, the whole fiverr idea of making people do something for you in exchange for five bucks would be flawed.

    Automation kills real interaction and even though there are people selling stuff there (you pay and then the seller sends you a download link) allowing sellers to fully automate everything, would just simply kill the site.
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    agree with the above no way fiverr will allow that kill the site for sure.
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    I wonder if there is some sort of fiverr bot that can do this?

    And if not... I wonder If anybody is up to the challenge of developing one???
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    This is my same hiccup with the system as well. But
    I simply monitor the email address and send the download
    information. I can do this from my iphone so it's a
    cut and paste. I really don't see how automatic delivery
    would damage Fiverr.

    -Ray Edwards
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    I guess you can always send them to your Youtube videos, and attempt to redirect them back to your website. If this sounds like a hassle, there' always your own website and Kindle (but kindle doesn't give you the customer name).
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    Selling ebooks on Fiverr is worth it only if you can write something that anyone will want to buy. Because of the $5 price tag, you have to sell a lot of ebooks to make up for the time wasted on writing.
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    I am sure someone can automate this process
    I can easily create a bot that can do this!

    Its simple!
    Have it run all day and visit your sales page every 10 minutes for example
    If the bots found "description of your gig" (means that you have a sale)
    then it opens the order and pastes what you want inside
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    But offering a service better than selling an ebook in Fiverr?
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    Fiverr has flagged messages of mine that didn't even violate their TOS...I think they SCAN everything that goes through there.
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    Ebook selling is a very popular money making method in fiverr but unfortunately most of the ebooks contains crappy information which are of no use. I purchased a ebook once and I thought it was a big waste of time and money.
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    I think there are some Fiverr alternatives that allow automatic downloads; I think it might have been either SEOClerks or Gigbucks.

    Hope this helps.
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    This is the reason I moved from Fiverr to SEOClerks

    They have a dedicated section for eBooks and the buyer can download it automatically after the payment is made...

    And with a proper advertising of your service I manage to make a nice profit on autopilot I can say due to the automatically download feature.
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    Not possible. The only thing you might be able to do is provide the link in the instructions to the buyer you set up when creating the gig. Other than that, no.
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    Nope, you need to send it by yourself by your hands and mouse .

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