An important tip for choosing a good website host:

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Just a quick note to people newer to internet business.

Your hosting provider is the foundation upon which your business will build. Sign up to a solid hosting provider, and make sure you give your business the best chance it has to thrive.

When choosing a hosting provider, make sure you go with a company who's PRIMARY purpose is website hosting.

By doing so, you're getting the best change at finding a host who takes their hosting clients seriously, and does not shut down or ignore common scripting needs.

For example: Yahoo. They do a good search engine, but their hosting solution restricts you in a number of ways.

Companies who's web hosting is simply a secondary income stream for them are (generally speaking) less likely to be flexible, are more likely to shut down common PHP features, and are less likey to listen to hosting customer's requests.

I've had two clients be bitten by this issue in the past few days.

So it's always a good idea to go for a company who's primary offering is hosting space if you're after a long term hosting solution that will allow your business to operate way into the future.

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    I have no experience with hosting, so it is a good tip!
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      I'm glad I could help, Ireen!

      Just a quick note - hosting space that you're given with your ISP are notorious for also shutting down a lot of scripting functionality.

      So again, generally speaking, ISP hosting space is a good idea to stay away from for a business website.


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