How much is the PR of your site? Does that matter?

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I was in a debate where was talking with a friend of mine on this. He said that you have to have a strong PR to climb up the ranking in Search Engine. However, I gave him some strong examples where I have seen sites with less PR on the first page of Google and having a stable ranking.

So just wanted to know if you own a website , how much is the PR of your site and are you conscious about it. Are you trying to increase its PR ?

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    I really don't think it's that big a deal really...

    There are thousands of examples of pages with low PR doing really well, but on the flipside.. I'm not saying it is worthless...

    I just know that you don't have to wait for good PR in order to start climbing and holding position...

    I would never dismiss the power of PR completely... I just think there are plenty of situations when you shouldn't worry about it...


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      p.s. I have site's ranging from 0 - 6 PR.. It's not something I really try to improve.. it happens naturally with natural looking SEO and backlinks


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