How long do you stay on warriors

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Just curious, I find most of you here when I come here, but I am not able to keep up like that. What is intriguing is that most of you are comfortably placed with your online business too. How do you people manage this...just wondering.
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    I have a l'il green man who does my posting at the WF

    But seriously... I do have the WF in the background most day,s but I'm not necessarily in the WF.. just have it ready for when I get a minute to drop by..


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      A few minutes here and there. In the end it's just a forum. It's not my life.
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      I call in first thing in the mornings. Somehow it gets me motivated for the day, not that I usually need motivating.

      Like Jay, I also keep mine in the background and drop in and out during the day. Then I log out at night.

      So, although it's showing I'm online, I am, but not always in the forum.


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