Oh Crap...I'm An Affiliate Marketer...Now What?

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Well, here's another instance where I have to eat my words and retract a
lot of BS that I've been spewing for the last 3 years at least.

I have many Clickbank accounts. Each one, with the exception of the first
one I ever opened, back in the day when I was stupid, is dedicated to selling
JUST my own product. I do not mix in affiliate sells with those accounts. This
way I know exactly how many sales I have for each product.

Well, I didn't do this with one of my products. I was lazy when I created it
and decided that since I had a Clickbank account already opened for selling
affiliate crap that I would just submit it under that nickname. Truth is, I
didn't want to pay the extra fee. Yeah, I'm a cheap SOB.

Well, the downside is that I have to go through the account manually, doing
searches by product name in order to find out how many sales of each
product, including my own. It's a real pain in the rear end.

Anyway, over time, I've been promoting more affiliate products through
this account than when I started. At the beginning, I just promoted one
affiliate product.

Now, let's get back to the dumb ass thing I said when I was a "know it all"
marketer. Yeah, right.

My big spiel was, "You'll make more money selling your own products than
you'll EVER make as an affiliate marketer" and I gave all the dumb ass
reasons like, "you can get affiliates, you can control the sales page, the
price, the whole process." Yeah, blah, blah, blah.

I woke up today and first thing I did was check my Clickbank emails. They
all get forwarded to one account so it's very easy to do. And I noticed
sales for all my products except for one account, the one with the affiliate
products mixed in.

Now, this isn't so unusual because like I said, none of my products are
really big sellers. The reason I do so well is because I get drips of sales
come in from each sporadically. When you add them all up, it comes out
to a nice sum for the month. In other words, I don't have all my eggs in
one basket. If I did, I'd be broke.

Anyway, I decided to check the one account that didn't send me any
emails, just for the heck of it. I figured maybe I'd have an affiliate sale
or two. Remember, you don't get notifications of affiliate sales anymore
like in the old days. Oh how I long for those days.

Well, you can imagine my shock when I saw this huge 3 figure amount from
yesterday (actually early this morning) staring me in the face. I looked
at it and said, "What the F..."

I then decided to go through this account in detail for the month and what
I found nearly blew my head off.

I had more sales from affiliate products than from any one account,
including this one, for my own products. This is the first month in history
that this has happened.

Now, I know why it's happened and I also know that because of what I
am doing, it will be even more next month.

Crap...I'm an affiliate marketer. There is no way around it. I can't BS
people anymore and tell them that they can't make any real money unless
they sell their own products.

Chris Rempel is probably having one HUGE laugh right now because he's
probably known this for a VERY long time. Me? Well, I never really put too
much stock into affiliate marketing, but the truth is, the methods in a
certain book I came out with recently DO work. And no, I'm not going to
mention it here because I don't want to get this thread deleted and I am
also not including my signature in this post because it is imperative that
you get the message that I am about to admit freely. It takes a big man
to admit when he's so wrong it's almost criminal.

First of all, don't just take what somebody says as gospel. Test it out for

Secondly, my experience now tells me that you CAN make a good living
JUST as an affiliate marketer. Why I was never able to do it before is
simply because I wasn't going about it the right way. Now that I am, and
yes, I do know EXACTLY why this is happening, it almost scares me to
think what I could accomplish if I outsource this whole bloody system. I
may actually be able to retire. Yeah, it works THAT well.

So there. I've come clean. I don't know it all. Sometimes I wonder if I
know anything at all. I've been under the belief of so many misconceptions
that it almost disqualifies me as an "intelligent" marketer. But make NO
mistake about it. I am documenting everything that I am currently doing, I
am looking at what works, why it works and figuring out how I can do it
more efficiently and double if not triple my profits JUST from affiliate sales
alone. As it is, I'm only putting in an hour a day into this system so if I
outsource some of the tasks, I can put in less time and make who knows
how much more money doing it.

Crap...I'm an affiliate marketer...Now what?
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    Waiting for the ebook Steven.

    Well? Is it done? When is the WSO?!

    I have no patience. I really would love to know how this is done because I haven't been able to do CRAP in affiliate marketing.
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      It must be annoying Steven,

      All this time we've been telling people that affiliate marketing is an easy way to get started and build your skills as a marketer so that you can be sure you can sell your own products, and you thought we were BSing?

      I remember my first affiliate sale of Corey Rudls big product when it came out - it was easy money as people loved it.

      I was wondering why people don't seem to "get it" when it comes to affiliate marketing as it's so easy, especially if you have half a clue about link building and traffic generation - especially these days with video sites doing so well and podcasts, articles and press releases all still being effective and cheap.

      Oh well - at least you're finally coming around.

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      firstly, thanks for standing up. my dad always taught me a real man is one who has the guts to stand up and admit, and face the consequences. he also said that by the time i grow up i will find very few of them.

      secondly, correct me if i am wrong, but selling your own product is only easier if (a) you have a strong USP, and / or your product is (b) of similar quality compared to the affiliate products you are selling. a truly great product could be easier to sell, even as an affiliate.

      lastly - if the numbers are there on the paycheck, who cares whose product you sold to get it ?

      when i first started out as a salesman, we had a sign on the wall -----

      Happiness is : A positive cash flow.

      Be happy !

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