PayPal Payment Spoofer Busted - Don't Mess With BIG Greeks!

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#internet marketing #big #busted #greeks #mess #payment #paypal #spoofer
  • Profile picture of the author John Motson
    Lol a friend did it.

    Like "the dog ate my homework" .

    Well done for catching him!

    • Profile picture of the author Mark McWilliams
      Mike, it wasn't me...honest!

      If you got any IP addresses from him then send a PM to Allen, he should be able to see if anyone is riding along on the same! It's only an idea though!...

  • Profile picture of the author samstephens
    Heh, nicely done!

    I don't think I'd want to wake up to a phone call from an angry Big Mike

    It's good to see internet theives paying consequences.


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