Any sites similar to textbroker out there?

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I'm looking for a site that I can register for and immediately begin working directly with producers that need unique content. I write like a maniac. I write like a demon. I write like a sweet lemonade princess. I write all day.

However, I can't seem to register for textbroker, and after writing an extremely long letter in the pop-up contact form, the send button didn't work. Seems like a sh*tty first impression, namsayin?

Anyways, yeah...if there's a site out there that's dedicated to writer-producer relationships and $ transactions, I'm all for it. Any help is appreciated. Sexual favors for good enough answers.

Thanks, I love you,
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    I am using Iwriter and very happy with them. There were some other sites too including one from odesk.
    But I forgot the name.
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    There are many sites like textbroker including;
    interact media
    content current
    writers domain
    content authority
    media piston.........and the list is endless. You can google "sites like textbroker" for additional sites.
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    Eh, in my opinion those sites are what I call the McDonalds of the internet.

    Brad Callen is awesome and will help you with any problem you have but if you start out on IWriter as a non-premium writer, you're only going to be earning .60c per 100 words I believe. After 30 articles and a 4.2 rating then you'll be earning around $1.00 per article then after a 4.6 rating then you'll be earning a little over a $1.00 per 100 rating.

    I mean it's pretty unbearable because most of the clients are foreign, have instructions that make absolutely no sense and have unrealistic expectations for the price. However, I have met some pretty cool people on there who laid out there instructions clearly and send me special requests from time to time even though I never log on there. I'm not a fan of the pay system which makes you wait a week or so (depending on your specifications). IWriter's not a bad place though if you don't mind the price.

    I've heard so many great things about ELance, but there are so many people on there willing to undercut you by at least 50% of the price that you quote clients but you only get like 5-10 applications a month unless you buy more.... not a fan.

    There are plenty of freelancing sites out there but I haven't found one that I absolutely stick to. If there was one with a daily payment system, I might consider it, but I don't like the weekly pay system on them and the unbearably low pay.
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    Corey Geer is completely right. Anybody who is American who is writing for IWriter is working for crackhead prices. Don't sell yourself short. I think Corey should add a zero to his prices. High quality articles cost money not $2-4.

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