Ever felt hacked off?

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Hello everyone, I discovered this forum a few days ago, been reading it with great interest and finding lots of excellent info but this is my first post.

I tried internet marketing a few years back with little real success, made a few hundred quid with a uk shopping site I built, by getting affiliate commisions, but they rapidly dropped off, and so did my efforts. Now its time for a return, I'd love to give it a go full time.

Anyway, the reason I'm feeling hacked off is this : the other week I was browsing the web and came across a product that I thought was pretty cool, found out it was marketed on clickbank and decided to give it a go. I did a bit of research around the topic and decided to make my first squidoo lens, with the aim of driving traffic to the affiliate link, and the idea of then writing a few articles. Got my lens pretty much finished today, then when I checked the product site I found their domain name had expired, so it would appear the product is no longer being sold! Bl@@dy typical! Does this happen often? Is it sensible to concentrate on just one product at first, or is it better to choose several? If the latter, should they be fairly tightly linked in subject area, or wide ranging? Any opinions welcome.

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    Is that a British expression? Hacked off? Never heard that one before. I guess it must mean annoyed, pissed off, put out?

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    Mike, is there a similar product you can use?
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      It happens...

      Several products that used to sell on Clickbank are on PayDotCom.com now..

      You can check the product there or as Angela suggested look for another product

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      I wouldn't necessarily say it happens often, but it does happen. It used to happen to me a lot more when I promoted CPA offers. Nothing like sending a bunch of PPC traffic to a page that's not there any more...grrr.

      And I like that term, hacked off. Sounds much nicer than saying pissed off, but still conveys how irritated you are...I gotta remember that one.

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