I'm a little upset - Do you really want to be sold hype?

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Hi Warriors,

I've been giving a LOT of thought (maybe too much) to what the best ways to help IMers are.

I've tried lots of ways over the years, from giving money, to positive feedback, negative feedback, stepping back to the big picture, and even going right into the techy details.

It seems that there's always someone who can benefit from each method, but what is concerning me lately is that the majority of people getting into IM seem to have no plan, and while I may think that their absolute best move would be to take a step back, think about their goals and their family and consider what they REALLY want from getting started in IM, and how they honestly think they can best move forward - Most of them seem to want to be fed BS and false promises of wealth and glory.

Sometimes people have no interest in looking at their business model and just want to be told 'the secrets' to traffic generation, rss, blogs, etc. etc.

I recently spoke to some fellow warriors in Singapore about what IMers in their region would most benefit from if I were to put on an event there. The answer surprised me.

It was clear that all of the sensible advice I thought they could benefit from would be useful - but it was clear that to get them to come to an event it would need to be the standard "achieve your financial dreams on the Internet" pitch.

One warrior (Kelvin) came up with a great analogy for it. He said it's like when your dog is ill and needs medicine - you put the medicine in his food so that he'll eat it because he's so greedy for food but wouldn't take the medicine on its own - regardless of how good you know it is for him.

Is this a global thing? do people really just want to be sold dreams?

Maybe my copywriting head is on another body and I just haven't thought of a way to say things sensibly and describe real value in a non-hypey way.

I'd much rather sell the steak than the sizzle since I don't want to make money selling sizzle when I'm trying to feed hungry people a stake.

I'm deadly serious about this.

There are enough bad vibes about seminars around due to the sales-pitches that often go under the name of seminar. I would like to change the trend and really get people the help they need but if they really don't want to hear it - Maybe I should change my focus and stop trying to find ways to help them.

Any ideas?
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    You sell the actual sizzler, but just show the sizzle on your copy!

    Sizzle doesn't last long though, especially when the customers get their hands on the sizzler!

    That's the way it works!
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      Liked that post a lot. cool signature too. this really strikes a chord with me.

      I have a feeling that the time might be right for this form of marketing.
      Why on earth not? I'd like to hope that the cream rises to the top even in something like Internet Marketing.

      There are some similarities in hype between IMers and MLMers don't you think?
      I've always wondered why MLM people are so "Sell the dream" but often don't treat it like a business. They mostly frown upon any other kind of business model.

      I'm guilty of going for hype because a part of me thought it was "a necessary evil" perhaps or just "the done thing". I know that hype has magically attracted the credit card into my hand a number of times.

      But you know. There are a few people I really trust online.
      I haven't shaken their hands but through their consistent honesty (walking their talk, fulfilling promises) have built integrity within my mind that deserves my trust. They don't rely on hype and keep things at luke warm temperatures even in sales pages. They are using the cool words that get your attention but it just doesn't smell of hype. I love those kinds of marketers.

      Andy. Keep going with this because I think there is plenty of room for that kind of thinking.

      And no. I don't want to be sold hype either. Sure, presentation is important but not hype.
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      The sizzle works because people generally make decisions
      based on emotional response then justify them using logic.
      Granted the logic is skewed by the emtions.

      So... sell the seminar with sizzle then provide them the
      steak once they're seated at the table.

      Or... as I've always told my network marketing friends...

      Meet them where the are then lead them to where they need to be.

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      I don't remember where I first found information about making money online, but I do remember that I thought it was pure BS because the site I had found was so full of hype. It sounded to good to be true and you know the saying.

      The idea of making money online intrigued me and I started searching and I found lots of hype, but I finally found Lynn Terry's selfstartersweeklytips.com. I think she shares your ideas of delivering sensible information. I know for myself that is what I was looking for. So to answer you question, I didn't and still don't want to be sold hype.

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    Hey Andy,

    most people that I talk to just want everything
    instantly and be spoon fed too.

    It seems like a lot of them are getting caught up
    in the dream instead of really living it.

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    Originally Posted by Andyhenry View Post

    It was clear that all of the sensible advice I they could benefit from would be useful - but it was clear that to get them to come to an event it would need to be the standard "achieve your financial dreams on the Internet" pitch.
    Hey Andy

    It's marketing 101... people don't buy things... they buy the results those things give them.

    In this case, they won't buy "sensible advice", but they'll buy the "financial dreams" that advice will give them.

    What's to stop you selling the sizzle and providing the steak? That's how it's done right


    p.s. Hype is the most abused word in IM (followed closely by guru). What is hype? Hype = hyperbole = exaggeration...

    So if eveything you say is backed up by proof, and hence not exaggerated, guess what... IT'S NOT HYPE.
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      While I understand the psychology behind selling, there's still something in me that feels like IMers could respond to 'reality IM'. Once people have spent money a few times and realised it's not as easy as "having a website to sell things from", I guess I'm assuming that they'll want the 'real' picture, but the promises of dreams seem to still get peoples buttons pressed even after they've been bitten a few times.

      Is it just that simple? You have to pump the pitch up in order to align with the way people want to feel?

      No reality check wanted/needed....?
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    HI Andy,

    Unfortunately I believe that this is the case with a lot of people.

    The majority of people, and I believe it would be global although I do not have any statistical data, are looking for immediate gratification. The problem is that they do not realize that nothing in life is immediate as it pertains to
    the pursuit of happiness, economic gain, personal growth and the like.

    When speaking with fellow constituents myself about this the same philosophy rang true.

    I believe the reason for this is two fold.

    1) People are envious of others who are successful. And these people who most often have a impulsive personality and are yearning to have the same success. These people can be the same age but more often than not are quite a bit younger by about 10 years or more. Their envious desires lead to false thought processes that are further fed by the successful peers feeding the hot button of "You too can Make $10,000 per month" by following these simple techniques.who is experiencing success just stumbled upon it. Now, not every sales pitch or the person pitching backs up the offer but the ones that do have worked for it. The lazy people have been blinded by all the hype and keep giving their money to those who understand the concept of work, determination, focus, time, energy, commitment.

    Unfortunately, these "pipe dream" chasers will always be "Chasing the Dream" and not living the dream because they focus and waste all of their time chasing the next "Magic bullet" rather than taking apart the gun they just purchased...examining it, seeing how it works, cleaning it and loading with the magic bullet that was already purchased for it and Firing it at the target.

    2) People are lazy. These same "pipe dream" chasers think that everyone who is successful simply stumbled upon it.
    They begin to enter into a cycle of worrying about everyone who is making money, how they can make the same money and jumping from one ban wagon to the next. Instead they need to focus on what needs to be done and how they are doing it. At the end of the day, this vast majority never "gets it". Success takes work...period.

    It takes work to put the toothpaste on the toothbrush, it takes work to shave, it takes work to clean the house, it takes work to get dressed...it takes work to make money. If you want to have successful relationships it takes work.

    As with a person suffering with an addiction...these people cannot be helped unless they help themselves first. The impulsive and lazy person will never get it until they realize that every aspect of life takes work.
    Now, the thought of having to work for that is lost somewhere between the "I can have the million dollar home" and "work 2 hours a day."

    At the end of the day....the 80/20 rule applies to successful people as well.

    80% of the lazy people give all of their money to
    to the successful people which make up
    20% percent of the population.

    These numbers may be off but you get the drift.

    Good Topic.
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    Hi Andy,

    I really think that because the internet is so omnipresent & available to many people it seems like a way to escape for the masses.

    But most people are used to a fixed amount of effort and a guaranteed return, in order to make extraordinary efforts they need the hope of spectacular results..., I know it is difficult for people with high ethics to package solid advice & training in 'fluff' & dreams.

    Perhaps the answer is to package the potential outcomes in a more factual way - you could explain exactly how much a Ferrari costs (for example), upkeep, insurance etc. then show them how they would have to work & what they would have to achieve in hard numbers & solid actions to own one...,

    Just a thought,

    Carl Henry
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    Originally Posted by Jeff Hope View Post

    allows someone to mistake activity for achievement!
    I believe this is big problem in the World right now with almost every aspect of life not just with the people who dream of being rich.

    Mistaking activity for achievement.

    "I wish I could spend more time in the gym it's just too hard but I'm trying".
    "I would really like to start eating right but for some reason it's not getting done but I'm trying"....

    When I decided to quit smoking I just stopped. I run into people all the time who say " I've been trying to quit and I wish it was that easy for me".

    That bothers me because they are assuming that it was easy for me to quit. That it's not hard for me. It's been four years and I still have the cravings from time to time. It's work.

    People also don't really understand the power of their own language.

    "I'm trying". Starting something and quitting is not trying. If I try to beat my son in a foot race and he wins as long as I don't give up and cross the line then I tried.

    I meet a lot of people who are proud of the fact that they can multi-task and get a lot done. But when you look at the results you see poor quality of work.

    Again, believing that quantity takes a higher priority over quality when it comes to being successful at achieving something.

    So, without drifting off on a tangent, I see many of these types of actions as a sign of real confusion.

    While it's true that there are a lot of lazy people out there that want everything handed to them, I would like to give a lot of the people the benefit of the doubt and say that they just don't understand what it takes to accomplish anything.
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    I think you are 100% correct Andy - people love hype as it's easy and quick fix and they don't need to do much. Much like dieters buying the next Atkins diet buzz, Gi diet etc. they can buy the books and the products do absolutely NOTHING but still feel good - for about 10 minutes! The best way for me is to offer the information and then the real magic is in the follow up support you can offer. I try to offer real follow up support with my subscribers - and the people I learn most from tend to actually give me a real email answer when I need it (not just an AR message).

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