Has anybody had success with ONLY 2 or 3 directories?

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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anybody has submitted articles to no more than 3 directories..okay 4 max, and has had success?

I ask this because i really enjoy article writing, it's actually one of my greatest strengths in the whole IM biz, but after putting so much compelling, riveting, mind blowing, head-spinning content in my first 2 articles of the 'same topic' or 'same product', my energy and creative juices have completely run dry.

Afterward, if i have to write additional same material over and over again, I start to detest the process, then the work and content suffers.

I don't want to dislike article writing because i really enjoy it. Therefore, I was wondering if anybody has had good success with just using 2 or 3 directories?

I realize 'owning' the internet as John Reese says, certainly makes sense - getting as much content out there as possible. I 'm with him on that I want to go forth with guns blazing, but just not spewing out spun and twisted articles of the same product continuously - that's my issue - NOT because I don't want to write - just not about the same topic a hundred times over.

If somebody demanded that i write 10,000 articles about 10,000 different topics or products, but only 1 article per topic, I'd say - "bring it on!"

BUT, to do 10 articles of the same product and make them unique??? Put an ice-pick in my eye now!

I can't break up my articles as people have suggested, because upon doing so, I always lose and leave valuable segments of the info. i lose the flow and continuity of the piece. I can do it 2-3 times, but then i plummet into an abyss with nothing left in the tank.

so anyway, is anybody out there making money with just using 2-4 directories, or will I really be slicing my neck not to submit to more, even if the miserable repetition kills me?

Thanks a bunch for listening!
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    Sorry Mark,

    I have to tell you that 2-4 sites to submit articles to will not be enough if you want to do more than just a little business. My most successful articles have be submitted to hundreds to 1000+ sites. Part of what builds you as an authority is that your target market seems to always run in to you when they search for information. That builds trust subconsciously and will assist you in long terms sales.

    I am sure that someone will have a counter point but my recommendaton is to put your content on as many sites possible.
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      I am probably not the norm, so don't go by results (that's a very serious
      disclaimer here)
      but I have had amazing results with just ONE directory...

      Ezine Articles.

      Having said that, I also write articles for my own blog and submit articles to
      blogs as a guest author.

      I honestly have no way of knowing if what I do will work for you. With EZA,
      a lot depends on the niche you choose. Some niches are incredibly profitable
      as I am just finding out.

      With your own blogs, depends on how much you write, what niche and how
      quickly your blog gains popularity.

      With guest blogs, depends on how popular they are to begin with and how
      much traffic they send to your own site.

      Everyone's results with whatever method are going to be different
      depending on the variable factors (niche, how well you write, etc.)

      Hope this helps.
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      I really appreciate your reply

      and what you said, i really deep down alreayd knew, but i was holding on for some hope, as one poster on thi siite makes around 3000 grand submitting articles to only ezine, so that's why i wanted to know if others had the same luck

      but i digress, i knew what you said already, as it only makes sense, i just can't handle the continued repetition of just that one specific product a hundred times over - it's not the writing, i can do that until the cows come home, it's just the redundancy that's getting to me

      Thanks though
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    I think I know what you mean. I have a product I am promoting and I know I need to submit at least 50 or more articles on this one product. After 3 or 4 articles it is not easy to write about the same product without saying the same thing.

    I have started getting some of the articles written for me and then I will use those and come up with 3 or 4 more articles on each of the ones I have written for me. That helps but it is still difficult if you want to submit a half way decent article. Even just changing the words around you are actually just saying the same thing.

    I use Ezine and have just submitted 1 article to Isnare for more exposure and will probably submit to both Ezine and Isnare in the future.
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      I only EVER submit article to Ezine...

      I use squidoo and hubpages for articles and content too..

      BUT for just articles I only use Ezine


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