Commission Junction involved in class action lawsuit - settlement reached

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I have not seen this discussed any where else in the forum. If it has, accept my apology for airing it again.

I received a postcard in the snail mail a few days ago to the effect that Commission Junction and their parent company were defendants in a class action lawsuit that alleged to some shady business practices. Cover up, possible commission thief.

If you are a CJ affiliate or are just curious and want more details, head on over to CJ

Seems legit to me. But then again, I ain't no lawyer...

Best to ya all ways,

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    I received the same postcard, though I've used CJ so little I threw it in the trash. I have talked to marketers who left CJ based on commission theft issues. One even said they tested and could prove it.

    • Profile picture of the author CalGolden
      Same with me, John. I never really used them at all, either. Never heard anything good about them so I naturally put marketing their offers on the back burner. Now that I look at the whole nasty picture, I am glad that I did.

    • Profile picture of the author Scot Standke

      Let's see...

      After attorney and court fees, that should leave me around...


      The only ones that ever make out in these suits are the lawyers,
      but they are needed to help keep these companies in check.

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    I got the same post card.

    It looks legal, but with all the special awards and legal fees, my guess is the whole fund will be eaten up before members of the class see a dime. Hard to call that "legitimate", IMO.

    For something that potentially made them millions, ValueClick gets out of the jam without admitting guilt for around $1.5 million. I'd jump at that deal, too. :rolleyes:
  • Profile picture of the author tommygadget
    Nice... I've posted many times asking if members suspected that they weren't getting their commissions.


    John - How did your "contact" test the commission theft?
    • Profile picture of the author MommyEnterprises
      I have made some money here and there with CJ. I used to make more in the past years, not much lately. I haven't heard of this lawsuit or received the post card yet.
    • Profile picture of the author jasonl70
      wow.. I've always wondered why my CJ sales where dismal when I compared them to similar products I promote..
  • Profile picture of the author Terry M.
    God...this is bad business practices, even though I don't use CJ and
    have never planned to use it.

    But it's just a good lesson in itself to know just because a company
    has a big reputation and many people are using it doesn't mean you
    can just trust it without a reasonable questioning for yourself.

    Thanks for posting brother.
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    I got the postcard today and as a new I'Mer I got scared. I was an affiliate but never earned anything from them.

    Glad to know there is a thread about it and that it is OK to ignore this post card

    thanks to all
    • Profile picture of the author Takuya Hikichi
      I think it was years ago I received a similar postcard for LookSmart (I think it was for that case).

      I had to fill in Social Security Number (US Tax File Number) so I took a chance but received $9 in mail after the lawsuit was settled.

      I almost threw away that settlement result thinking it was mail from a bank or something unimportant only to open up it was a real check.

      It looked like one of those mails that inside you can see a check but when you open it's from credit card company offering $20 deposit if you decided to take up on their 30 day credit protection trial.
  • Profile picture of the author Sirius Lin
    I got a postcard about that yesterday as well, but it's been literally years since I last used CJ, so I tossed mine out.

    ~ Sirius
  • Profile picture of the author JeffC
    OK this one has me concerned. The only time I really use CJ is this time of the year as I do allot in the Halloween niche. Now hearing this I am wondering if I should start looking else where, like PJN, for Halloween affiliate programs.

    Would love to hear others thoughts on this. Now that eBay has left CJ I really have no reason to use them. So should I start looking and say goodbye to CJ?

    ~Jeff C.
    • Profile picture of the author Dixiebelle
      Here's a little tid bit you will never hear from class action lawyers. You can opt out of the class action suit, and file your own suit. If the class action suit wins, then yours will surely win, and you will get you full amount owed.

      Of course, this would only be worth while if you are owed a lot of money.

  • Profile picture of the author Floyd Bogart
    I never got a postcard on this and will probably never look into this, bu used to have a string of sites that were set up specifically to promote CJ programs. What make me stop was that even after a few months of fairly good results, CJ still held back the bulk of my commissions against "future chargebacks".

    I had gotten past the 90 day period stated in the terms for the programs I was promoting, and yet still was not getting the missing amounts.

    That was ll it took for me. I was gone, and doubt I will ever go back.

    But to go through the legal rigamarole to get anything would violate my Thoreauvian nature...

    Life is too short to spend one moment more than necessary dealing with lawyers.

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