Timothy Ferris Shows How to "Buy" Twitter Followers!

Profile picture of the author Dan Sherman by Dan Sherman Posted: 03/10/2009
I've seen a lot of threads on how to best use twitter, and how to get lots of followers. Well, Timothy Ferriss is donating $3 to charity for each new follower he gets between now and March 23rd. I think that's a great form of ethical bribery we can all learn from.

The Tweet to Beat: Paying $3 Per Twitter Follower
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  • Profile picture of the author SeanyG
    Crazy! Tim Ferris is awesome!
  • Profile picture of the author daisuke75248
    i thought he was actually gonna pay me $3 lol
  • Profile picture of the author adamloving
    That's great. Expensive, but a good ploy and worthy cause.
  • Profile picture of the author drmani
    You might be surprised (shocked?) - try it.

    I once offered to match every $10 donation to the "Global Hugs Tour".
    Worried of over-doing it, I limited it to $500 (the first 50 donors).

    After over 350 people read the blog post, ONE donated!

    If the offer was to pay $3 per FOLLOWER, maybe the response will get

    All success
  • Profile picture of the author ElysiaB
    I think he might be onto something here!

    If anyone can do it, it's Tim Ferris.

    That guy is a LEGEND!

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