Legitimate Paid Survey Sites?

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Are there any good FREE sites that people can make decent money from? (As in, offers that are more than $1-2)? I am looking at lots, and want to know what you fellow Warriors would recommend to make some extra money?
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    Or, I should say, if there are good ones, which have you found to be most lucrative? I'm down with your affiliate link and am keen to sign up for a few if they're good.
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    There is much better use if your time than filling out surveys. I would make some websites.
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    Frank, I like your thinking. I have a bunch of sites, but none of them make any money...
    I read your first blog post that your signature links to, and I like it. A lot.
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    Not to discourage you, but based on my past experience when I was new online, and trying to make money, filling-out surveys was a mind-numbing, tedious, incredibly boring and absolute waste of my time.

    You may want to consider something that gives you a high return on your time invested. You can make good money by blogging about something you love and enjoy and monetize your blog with adsense or affiliate products.

    I started from scratch by using Ebay and then reinvested my Ebay money into other projects!

    Good luck!
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    Clifton, do you have any good guides to eBay? I agree, survey taking is NOT my ideal, but I am so desperate to get out of this office I live in, I'd do just about anything to work from home...even surveys, if needs be!
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    @knowledge kick, I would love to respond to your PM but can't. Can you PM me a contact info or something? 9 more posts and I can do it!
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    If it came down to doing work I would make sites, write etc.. but not fill out surveys because it would be fake your not the real target, you would just try to fill it out fast and what are they getting for their money? To me it's not something I would think is a fair trade there are better things you can do just look around the forum a million ways to make money and most of them are fair trade.
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    I actually have a bit of experience with this.. and really, the only one I like is OpinionOutpost.com. I qualify for a lot, and you get your rewards right away (no waiting for some admin to confirm your survey completion). They also have a low minimum amount for with drawling ($10). 100 points = $10. As soon as I get 100 points I send it to my paypal account and I get it in seconds. Doing surveys is a bit time consuming though, when I really took Surveying seriously, it took me 2 days to get 100 points, so realistically you're only making like $5 a day. But it's great for buying a quick domain, or fiverr gig or what not, I consider it throw away money anyway. I just used all my Survey earnings to post my site for auction on Flippa.

    Here's my proof of payment from Opinion Outpost here:

    $35 in 7 days.. not bad I guess, but it isn't going to make you rich.

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    @HelpingYouBeAnExpert, I agree with you actually, I probably would just wanna do it quick, etc. I have purchased domains and do some article marketing, but my earnings, still: $0! Shall I just continue to focus on my skills (writing...and...uh...not much else)?
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    Forget about surveys. Learn how to monetize your existing websites, find a job, or scrap the existing websites and create a new project.
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    ..Lol, I make more money doing online surveys than I do IM right now.. that is pretty sad. So hopefully my website starts picking up.
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    I think I'm sensing a pattern here...surveys suck, yes?
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    Right on, thanks everyone for the good information!
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    Most survey offers are scams. If you have to pay to access it, don't bother. I did a long time ago. Most of the companies did not even offer cash for filling them out ... they offered useless credits for buying what ... I don't know. Some of them even asked me how I got their info because they never agreed to be listed in the survey scam site.

    Spend a lot of time ... very little reward.
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    You must dont like selling online lol. Dont do survey sites or "get paid to open emails" service. You'll find yourself earn 2 cents for every email that you open. When instead, you could be making $20 ebook sales around the clock. Dont go for it my dude.
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    PM me your email and will send you some....
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    This is the wrong forum to be asking about paid surveys that make pennies, try focusing your time and efforts on building passive income.

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