How to deal with Thieves??

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I have a product I sell on clickbank.

Today I got an email from Dealdotcom selling it... What!!! I didn't add it there.

I checked further. My sales page has been copied and added to another domain. The product is being sold by this thief via Paydotcom.

I have emailed paydotcom and dealdotcom and informed them of the situation but I've had no reply.

I've logged an abuse claim with the guys hosting company and emailed Paypal and asked them to suspend his account.. I don't hold out much hope.

1 What else can i do. The only company who has replied is the hosting company who have sent me forms to complete to get the hosting closed down.

2. surely paydotcom and dealdotcom should
a) Do some due dilligence before accepting products
B) take this seriously and answer the calls i've logged.

If this happened in a high street shop action would be taken against the retailer. I actually like paydotcom and dealdotcom BUT this leaves a very bad taste as both of them will have also profited from this thief.

I suspect that situations like this raise serius question about 3rd party retailing.

Any advice??

If any one knows anyone senior in PDC or DDC please point them to this thread...
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    Only thing I think you could really do at this point is follow the steps that the hosting company gave you. Also I don't know when you contacted PDC, but I would give them a day or so to get back in contact with you. Only other thing I could think of is doing a reverse lookup of his domain name and get the guys phone number and give him a call. That's just my 2 cents. But legally I don't know what you can do at this point.

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      Also if its any consolation, anything sold thru DDC is paid out several weeks later to account for refunds etc. so he won't be making instant money on sales he makes.

      I'm sure Jason etc from DDC will get it sorted for you

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      Use DMCA to your advantage and send the hosting company, dealdotcom and paydotcom a DMCA notice
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      The best success I've had with PayPal is to
      buy the product and immediately file a chargeback
      on the product stating copyright infringement.

      I've done this a number of times with people
      ripping my stuff off and it's worked every time -
      they remove my stuff because they don't want
      their account frozen by PayPal.
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    Such events are now a comon occurance. You just have to be prepared and also accept the fact that dealing with them kills precious time.

    I'd say as long as you have the correct copyright notices etc on your site, the only other thing thing you can do is have an Internet Savvy lawyer waiting in the wings. You won't have to pay anything until you use his services.But at least when you need one, you know who to turn to.

    You could look up Mike Young. He knows his stuff. I have no relationship with him at all.

    Good luck
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      Here is the latest update...

      Paydotcom have refused to take any notice of the DCMA notice until they "investigate further"

      I don't understand whats to investigate.. it takes 2 seconds to see my site has been up and trading on clickbank for 6 months and that the scumbags site has only been registered 2 weeks.

      Their attitude stinks and to me borders on neglect.

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