Top Trafficked Classified Ads Sites That Generate You Leads?

Profile picture of the author StevenSaliba by StevenSaliba Posted: 07/20/2012
What are the most trafficked classified ads sites online that help you generate leads for your business?

I know Craigslist is great. What classified sites are working for you Warriors?
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  • Profile picture of the author Lulu Chil
    Lulu Chil
    It would be nice to hear from others, who had success with classified sites.
  • Profile picture of the author bluedevil
    Backpage has brought me a few leads for a landscape service I promote. For like $10 you can have your ad highlighted and continuously renewed for six months.
  • Profile picture of the author jamesrich1
    Honestly Craigslist cream of the crop and all the other classified sites are a crap shoot. There is a way to get around Craigslist's strict rules but you will have to spend money on PVA's, different IP's and some other technical stuff that gets pretty advanced.
  • Profile picture of the author Online Helper
    Online Helper
    I posted in as well. Is free, but you can pay $20 to place your Ads in Top Ads for one week as well. You will get more obvious result - no guarantee though
  • Profile picture of the author ashwin77
    I've heard ppl using, but i've personally used only craiglist
  • Profile picture of the author hustlinsmoke
    Most top sites bring me leads but it comes down to craigslist as being the top, and I always go with a cl poster. I don't get banned and keep my postings at top most the time.
  • Profile picture of the author wordwizard
    I have to check out and OBClassified...

    I've used Backpage and also USFreeAds, mostly to get leads and/or get people to my teleseminars.

    Both of them do bring in a few leads here and there, but only if you invest in the premium options.

    Never had any luck with Craigslist though since I'm not messing with VPS etc

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