why is my site not converting?

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its an information/ecommerce dj /music blog. looks good. gets niche traffic, but its not converting at all. i dont get what could be wrong? pls see dj-world (dot) com and let me know any ideas.

thanks for your time
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    Nice domain age. I haven't checked out your site. Just wanted to compliment you on your domain age
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    Hey what44,

    I haven't had chance to look through your whole site but from what I can see, while the site looks sweet - there is far too much noise on the site. My eyes were so busy when I first landed on the homepage that I couldn't work out where your adverts etc were.

    Have you thought about seperating the site out into 2 distinct areas - you have your ecommerce stuff on the main site and then have the blog/articles in another area.

    This way you are clear from the off that you are selling product and not just a DJ magazine.

    If you don't fancy breaking the site into 2 sections then I would move the content below the product - ultimately it's going to be the ecommerce stuff that pays the bills and not the content so give the product the top billing it deserves.

    Use Google Analytics to see how real visitors use your site; change the layout around and see how this impacts sales.

    Remember - it's always worth testing everything especially when it comes to ecommerce.

    Good luck
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    As blackrabbit said clean it up a bit. It's too busy.
    Also, you might want to move the products section above the fold area
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    Had a quick look at the site.

    As other's have mentioned there is too much going on.

    If you are focused on selling a product or service maybe think about putting a featured post in there so people will read that and that will be the focus.

    What I am saying is that when people land on your site - updated news is good and you have a lot of it.

    But you want to lead them as well - somewhere, whether that be for more ad clicks or sales.

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    Like the others its too busy - but lets dig in. Also, I will suggest some tools to use later that have helped me increase conversions by huge amounts on multiple sites.

    The main CTA (call to action) is not clear. What is it that you want people to do when they get there? You should have 1 CTA above the fold. Others can come later. If you are selling gear be sure to get people engaged in buying gear immediately. The rotating images are going too fast slow them down by at least 1 - 2 seconds and be sure on those images that they have clear CTA's with minimal text. The whole point is to have a headline that will grab them and get them to click through. I clicked one and the landing page was fine.

    The key here is going to be to test, test and test some more. As BlackRabbit points out find out what your visitors are doing starting with the homepage; however, Google Analytics is a start but very clunky for split testing.

    I use Visual Website Optimizer to test. It has heat maps, click maps and the ability to set up and A/B test with variations in about 5 minutes flat. They also offer plugins for various platforms so in many cases you don't even have to go in and update code.

    Use the free trial period and it will give you a great idea of what people are doing on your site. In addition, just a few small adjustments can make a huge difference. If you don't know what's moving the needle on your site - its like driving a car with no instrument panel. So, install VWO and test, test, test - you will get your answer. Its not about what we think should be done here in this forum - its about what your customers think.
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    I've taken a quick look and here's what I suggest you try:

    1) Take a close look at your keywords people are finding the site for, are they buying keywords? What are your top product entry pages and the keywords for these pages, take a good look at them they may give you a clue to what's going on.

    2) As soon as you hit the site you have leakage right at the very top of the page, a nice banner inviting people to leave the site straight away - remove the banner!

    3) Try moving the payment details to the header, they're currently in the footer, also is it free delivery for everything? If so, Where's the banner that screams FREE UK Delivery!

    4) Your fancy banner underneath the navigation, changing way too fast and you might want to revise the content of the banners with emphasis on benefits!!!

    5) Move all your products above the fold, it's not blatantly obvious that it's a shop, move dj video banner beneath the fold along with the 8 blog posts or move them to another page.

    6) Are your products competitively priced, could I get them elsewhere cheaper?

    7) Do you have analytics set up correctly are people actually adding products to the cart, if they are and not going any further, why? I noticed you're using Google Checkout, can you offer any other payment methods? PayPal or a payment gateway like Worldpay etc.

    8) There's not a great range of products on the site, are you in the process of adding more? In my experience and I've had a lot with ecommerce, sites that lack a bit of punch with the range of products in the catelog don't do as well.

    I've put together a few Magento websites and every one of them is making money, so it's not the ecommerce platform your using.

    Hope that helps
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    For a site like this you need to capture and subscribe your prospects then pitch one of your offers down the road. Make it interesting maybe and SWEEPSTAKES or CONTEST. Hire a upcoming musician. Spend $40 - $50 on fiverr video testimonials. Have a 1-888 number and tell your prospects what they wanna hear.
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    The visitors may be distracted from your ads I believe.

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