I have a hilarious flying cat ...

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... picture in an email and I want to copy it and send it to a friend in a Word doc...

When I copy n paste the flying cat pic... when I then paste it into the Word doc, the pic frame is there, but the frame is empty and I have no idea how to get the pic out of the email.

Any of the smart Warriors here can put forth a suggestion on how to do this? One option is apparently to first save the picture and then re-use it like any pic in My Pics... and I have lots of these pics I want to send a friend... but I would really like to avoid having to save each pic in the email one at a time...

So -- anyone know how to actually copy a pic straight out of an email and paste it without saving it first?

Thanks in advance -

Chip Tarver
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    Since no one has replied to this thread, should I take from this that there is no reasonable way to copy a picture straight out of an email and then paste it into a Word doc... without going through the extra steps of saving the pic first and then inserting it into the doc?

    Just curious -

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      Will drag and drop work? I meant to post to this thread yesterday and totally forgot.

      Other than that, if you have a graphics program, you should be able to copy it in the email, open the graphics program, paste it, copy it again and then put it into Word. That has worked in the past for me.

      Edited to add: Drag and drop worked taking an image out of Entourage and into Word. Should work on a PC - in theory anyway


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