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Hi all, I'm planing out on how to set up an online business (as advised by a warrior), and was wondering how DLguard functions when it comes to providing access to members who subscribe?

How does the script recognise the user as someone who is subscribed to those who only come for the free section. My guess is by loging in and password.

But I just want tobe sure.
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    Also...does it work with ClickBank's new recurring payment system?

    I would want to make absolutely sure that affiliates got the commission for the life of each membership.

    Sorry Mun...I was about to start a thread on this too. So I figured I would jump in on yours.

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      I wish I knew more about the membership site system than I do so take my answer here with a grain of salt...and hopefully Sam will chime in here and give the correct answer.


      Allen, I think I remember reading that it does work with clickbanks recurring payment system.

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      Yep, they get a password and username.

      You simple insert a line of code in the pages you want to protect.

      Where's that guy named Sam that never rest and is always helping people?

      Sam, Get your behind over here.

      Don't worry, Mun...

      Knowing Sam, he should be here sooner than you think to answer all your Q's...

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    I haven't used DLGuard to its full capabilities, but yes I believe it's through login and password.

    Also, if the person requests a refund or stops paying (in case of monthly memberships) their access to the membership area is revoked.

    And yes it works fully with recurring billing, you would actually be surprised how well integrated DLGuard and Clickbank are.
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      Would that mean that DLguard needs to access say for example, my paypal accoun and see if a payment has been made?

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