Do You Mass Submit Articles?

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I hear a lot of folks saying that they have seen "good results," sometimes "great" or "awesome" results using mass-submission services such as articlemarketer, isnare, UAW, and others.

But only time ever...have I seen anyone provide any real data on these "awesome" results.

What are your results based on?

SERPs - increase in search engine rankings?
Direct Traffic - traffic coming from article directories?
RSS - website links fed from article directories?
Backlinks - how many one-way links you can get?
Sales - your sales have skyrocketed?

I am trying to get a grasp on your thoughts. (I'm keeping an open mind) Since I never see any real data, I sometimes wonder if people defend these services based simply on the fact that they paid for it.

If you respond, please let me know which service(s) you tried and whether or not the results you are getting today are the same as you got 6, 12, 24 months ago.

I am not looking to start a thread to debate over whether mass submitting works or not! I am simply trying to see if anyone has any good results and what they base these results on.

Thanks so much for your time!
Allen Graves
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    Allen, I do what I like to call "controlled mass submissions".

    I have had decent results in doing it, but I have learned which niches and what competition levels mass submissions are successful.

    SERPS - I notice a jump in my ranking when done properly.

    SALES - Of course you see more sales with more traffic.

    Direct traffic - Not really, but that is not what i use them for.

    Backlinks - I see them grow everyday
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      I have to say I have had far more success with just submitting to 5 or 6 of the top directories and I have tried it from a couple of different perspectives.

      For example,

      I did a run where I was just interested in the SEO value of the backlinks but this did not generate anything like the results I was hoping for.

      I also tried it from a direct traffic point of view and this simply did not work at all.

      IMHO the real value of the big article directories (Ezinearticles in particular) is their trust with Google and by that their ability to get your articles to rank for medium and low competition terms. On that basis, I have not been able to find a way to make the mass submission route work for me.

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