PayPal and Google Chrome

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It may just be my way of thinking but if it were me and I owned PayPal I would allow Google Chrome browsers to use the site.

Every time I try to buy something from here or anywhere that leads to PayPal it always gives a BAD error.

Does anyone else ever experience this issue? Does everyone just absolutely HATE Google? HAHA

Would like to know your experiences with this situation.

Jonathan Smith
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    I have been mostly using Google Chrome now, and I have never had any type of issue with paypal.

    It is always possible that your browser files are corrupted. You may want to try uninstalling that browser and manually delete any left over files, and re-install it again.
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      I've used Chrome since it came out and never had any problems with Paypal whatsover. Sounds like you've got some sort of conflict or compatibility issue though. Do you get similar issues with any other browser? . . . assuming you've tried a few others of course.
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    I use google chrome all the time and I get only paypal or buy stuff with paypal all the time, I have never gotten that error.

    I hope you get it fixed.
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    I've gotten that error message before too. (Annoying as hell)

    It has to do with your cookies. If you clear your browser's cookies and cache, it should work again.
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      I've never had an issue using PayPal with Google Chrome. You may need to uninstall Chrome, and reinstall it. You might also want to check for viruses on your system.
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      Originally Posted by larry1113 View Post

      I've gotten that error message before too. (Annoying as hell)

      It has to do with your cookies. If you clear your browser's cookies and cache, it should work again.
      Yeah, that's exactly right. I use Firefox and I occasionally get this error too. I have to clear all my cookies and then it's fine again.

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