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I just joined this website today. Three days ago I picked up my first book, Moonlighting On the Internet" by Yanik Silver and I read most of the book in three days. After doing some research I think I want to get involved with this as soon as possible. Where are some places I can learn about setting up a website? I pick up computer applications quickly so I know it wont take long for me to learn. I lost my job five weeks ago and the job market is terrible. I was involved in marketing for the yellow pages and before so I know internet marketing works. I need to bring in some income ASAP and I am willing to tough it out to be successful in this business. Since I lost my job I have plenty of time to get this business up and going. My questions are... Do I need a website to get started in Affiliate Marketing? Where can I go online to learn how to put up a good website? Lastly, how many of you are making a full time living doing this? I dont want specific figures or anything. I just want to know if you are making a full-time income doing this. I am dedicated to making this work and I need to get started as soon as possible!
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    I hope you can help!
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    Hello Kevin!

    As stated above you don't HAVE to have a website to get started, especially if money is an issue. But if you are serious about making a living in Internet Marketing eventually you are going to want to have your own website. You will have some expenses with a web site, the main ones are:

    1. Domain name registration - you will need to pick a domain name and register it with one of the registrars online, this can run you around 10 bucks for a year depending on who you go with.

    2. Web site hosting - you need to pay a company to "host" you site, you create the web site on your computer but you will need a web host to store your files on their site and to make your site available for viewing online. This can cost you anywhere from $10 a month up to as much as $90 or more depending on the host and the package you get.

    Those are you 2 main expenses with a web site, the hosting obviously being the most expensive as it's a recurring monthly expenditure. The other main expense would be the software to create your site. Microsoft Expression Web, and Dreamweaver are probably the 2 most well known ones and both can be pricey. But there are some good free editors out there you can get that will work quite well.

    That said you can start a blog for free at places like to get started if money is tight. This will get you an online presence with out laying out a bunch of cash.

    If you opt for creating your own site as opposed to outsourcing it to someone which can again run you into some $$, then do some research and get some basic knowledge of html, the language used in creating web sites. The editors out there you can use to create web sites don't require you to know html but it can help to have some knowledge of it when you get into creating your own site. If you do a search for html you will find plenty of free sites that will give you all the information you need on setting up a web site.

    If you follow the link below in my signature to my website I have a link at the top of my site that will take you to a page where I have posted a video on creating a web site. It's just a short how to video showing people how to get a basic site up and running. There is also a link on there to a free web site creating program made available by Ewen Chia who is one of the "gurus' of Internet Marketing. He also has a bunch of tutorial vidoes showing how to use the free software. He doesn't charge anything for the program or the videos but you do have to sign up for his newsletter to get the link to download the program.

    The Warrior Forum is, in my opinion, one of the best places online to get information on Internet Marketing. Just ask and you will get plenty of help on whatever subject you need help with.

    Hope this helps.
    Good Luck!
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      Hi Kevin,

      The answer to your question is yes you can make a living online and a very good one at that. I am a successful internet marketer after buying a website off a company and then marketing it myself from the excellent training i recieved from them. i now work from home and enjoy working the hours i wish to work and spending time with my family.

      You can make a bit of money online by advertising other websites and selling products through dropshipping companies and such like but if you want to make serious money you do need to either purchase a website or try and set one up yourself, which can be very hard work if you dont know what your doing!

      let me know if you want any more advice.
  • Profile picture of the author louiefrias you don't get anyone telling you "I told you so."..keep your new venture "under the radar" with the peeps you love.

    Inthe meantime, go get onsome lists and listen in on some live's one:

    Then stay in touch with us on your needs and progress.
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      My best advice for you after being in internet marketing for 4 months is that dont get upset if you dont make a dime for a month or two because if you keep trying you will. But if i were to start over i would buy one of the wso that garentee you will make money or your money back. I know right now there is a great one that the guy says that after 30 days he can bring in your first 100 dollar day or your money back or he will personally get you to that 100 dollar day.

      - Eric

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