$20 Beer for Help With CSS Wordpress Theme

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Hi there, if there are any css experts, there's a $20 cold beer waiting for you.

I'm setting up a new blog and I'm trying to hide the blog's title in wordpress, which I can do successfully using the {display:none} command.

I've created a custom blog header. Here's the blog.

However, when I hide the blog's title using the above command, the formatting gets messed up and it shifts everything, i.e., the search button and blog's descritpion to the top of the page.

I even tried to match the color, but it's still visible in my banner.

I'm self taught with CSS and this is beyond my skill level.

Does anyone who how to set the top margins in the header so that everything lines up perfectly before hiding the title?

Thanks Michelle
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    Why not just edit the theme header file, and comment out the section that displays the title of the blog?

    You can do this by commenting out (or deleting) the code that says:
    Would that work for you?

    • Profile picture of the author MichelleGreene
      Hey Mike, thanks for the quick response...

      I really don't want to comment out the blog's title in the header file, because I want the SEO juice that comes with the title tag.

      I've done it before with other themes, but this theme shifts everything when I do it..

      Thanks for the suggestion, others may want to use that option :-)

    • Profile picture of the author Aldian Prakoso

      Just like Mike said, why not just delete this line from your header.php?

      <h1><a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>"><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a></h1>

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