Does Squeeze Page Always Mean More Conversions?

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I am frustrated trying to market some stuff on Adwords. I've had success in the past but now I am just breaking even.

I am tempted to try to use a squeeze page to give something away for free. Then, on the thank you page, I will show them my sales page.

Is this the wisest way to go?

Do real "gurus" use direct sales pages anymore? It seems to always require an opt-in.

I want to do this right..
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    It doesn't always mean more conversions but it does mean you have more chances to hit your list up for a sale than if the visitor just came and left the website... chances are, they will never return.

    See this thread about this topic (I posted it earlier)...
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    Squeeze page is still widely used.

    The direction is like this:
    Adwords => Squeeze Page => Thank you page => Download freebie => List collect => Promot another affiliate product => Meanwhile treat your list as first class customer => By giving great value => Promote other products.

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      Squeeze pages are good because you can capture the email addresses of your visitors, but you must center your attention in sending really good offers to your subscribers to get the most out of your ppc campaigns.

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