I just wrote an ebook, whats the next step?

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Hey guys,
sorry I haven't posted here in a long while lol, but I had to take care of some other projects in my life. Now I'm ready to join you and prosper in the world of IM.

I've finished writing an ebook on a solid niche (relationships in Korea) and want to market it. Im currently in the process of proof reading and making it a PDF.

What would be a good next step?

- Give a draft version to a pool of potential buyers
I have a pool of potential buyers as I've built a community of potential buyers (or am part of one rather), but I want them to read the sample draft so I can get the feedback I need to fix the book.

- Get sales page going
In this situation, do I need to get a WebPage and set it up? I have no clue as to how to write a sales page or buy a webpage lol. Do I just buy a domain name and work from there? what have you done?

- Have some affiliates involved
Do I get some affiliate marketers involved? I might put it on as a WSO for sure.

What else can one do? Thanks a lot in advance fellow Warriors!

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    I believe you should build up a draft sales page first.

    Try to selling your USP, benefits in there.

    Seree W.
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      Hi HaveFaith,

      It is easier if you have your own list for the niche. With that list of yours,
      you can do your research and eventually presell to them even before you
      have completed the ebook.

      After that, ask few of them to review the product for you. Then make
      improvement on your product based on their feedback.

      It is easier this way because you can interact with your subscriber and they
      actually will tell you what they want in your product.

      My 2 cents,

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    Did you consider clickbank.com for selling your e-book?
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      If you have some people to go over you book I would send it to them and get their feedback.

      You can also get some testimonials from them too.

      Perhaps the first thing you could do is offer it as a WSO here in the forum.

      Then I would start working on the sales page.

      Focus on how your product will benefit your customers and what types of problems it will solve.

      You need to hit peoples desires and wants when writing a good sales page and offer a perfect solution which of course is your product
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    You need to start creating the actual website that you are going to sell the product on. You need a sales page complete with testimonials from genuine users of the product. It is a good idea to construct an affiliate page because it makes you look more professional and you may get some affiliates willing to market your product and generate you some sales.
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      Thanks a lot guys.
      I'm going to type up a sales page, and in the meantime, have a few select group of people read it and tell me what they thought.

      Once my select readers have read it and have given me feedback, I'll re-write it up and put it here on WSO.

      Shri, I'm not familiar with Clickbank that much YET but I plan on being as I continue to learn about this stuff.

      Thanks guys, I'll keep you updated.

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      And don't forget to create an ecover graphic with a matching header
      and footer that'll give your product the professional touch.

      Check out, EcoversAlive.com: Giving 'Life' To Your Ecovers Like Never Before...

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    hi Faith
    Not sure if this was touched upon, and is probably step 30 in the process, but having a good sales page with clean professional graphics and clean copy is important. people will be buying something they can't touch and presenting your product nicely will increase your sales. it will also encourage potential affiliates when they see that they are promoting a quality product.
    Great Success to you!
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    Hi HaveFaith,

    *****Shameless Plug*******

    Design ecover and minisite

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      Hi havefaith!

      Thank you for your post! Really THANK YOU :-)

      I was about to ask the same thing. What to DO next? Though in my case The ebook is still in production.

      For those who answer specially Andrew can I clarify some details (the devil is in the details but its a necessary one) Call it spoon feeding, but then Im still a child! :-) Anybody can spoon feed me, no teasing please.. :-)

      1. Can anybody provide a sample script or what to type in when we put a link of the pdf in our thank you page (which is html).

      2. are there any "VERY SIMPLE" free samples of scripts for delivering the PDF? and handling affiliate sign-ups or is it just the same as no. 1

      3. When we put a paypal button, is this the place where we will put a link to the thank you page. Will the thank you page be displayed even if the customer didn't make a purchase?

      Are there actual samples, step by step detail with all the necessary sites and sample writeups on how to do this? In a single url.

      If there is I hope its Free!

      Thank y'all

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      Consider contacting and using paydotcom.com for your affiliate marketing
      program. assemble your landing page, add banner free giveaways and Book cover.
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    If you want to do a WSO, you should definitely consider capturing all of those leads! This will be a huge part of your future success. I have created a FREE detailed Video Tutorial on how to create a WSO and integrate Paypal & Aweber using Front Page. It is very easy to follow and the best part is it is free! GET IT HERE
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    umm... just sell it!
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      If you need some excellent help writing salescopy here's a great link i stumbled upon:


      Goes through everything you need to write compelling copy!

      Once you have done that and tested your offer - then build traffic and you're set!!!!
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    step 1. Create a sales page - you can get hosting and domain then work off some free mini site template if your budget is limited.

    Step 2. Drive traffic to it.

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