What's the problem with GoArticles/Amazines/Ideamarketers?

by DF20 5 replies
I'm having some really baffling results.

While waiting for EZA to approve my articles, I'm submitting them to secondary article databases. Out of GoArticles/Amazines/Ideamarkers and Searchwarp - Searchwarp is the ONLY place I get clickthroughs from. I get a good amount (about 30%) clicking through from searchwarp, have made 2 sales from it, and ZERO, absolutely ZERO clickthroughs from the rest!

My links work, I just went and checked - that was my first instinct. I'm completely baffled - anyone have a similar experience?

FYI I'm using ahref tags and making a simple resource box like
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    Are you getting the same amount of visitors to each article?

    Are the articles on each site the exact same article with exact same resource box?

    Gone Fishing
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      Same 15 articles on each article directory. Either very similar or exactly the same resource box.

      If the difference was a combined total of 50 clickthroughs versus 22 versus 8, I'd think the resource box being inconsistent would be to blame - But 50 vs 2 vs 0? That's loco
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    Yeah, that's kind of crazy. So, percentage wise, the Searchwarp articles get way more clickthroughs, right?

    I guess that points to the actual layout of the page and where the resource box is placed?

    Gone Fishing
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      I've noticed I get very few clicks from ideamarketers, amazines and goarticles either. For awhile I wondered why bother submitting to them but ultimately decided that the backlinks are still worth it! Now I'm using submityourarticle which submits to all of those and ezinearticles too, so it's just one submission to get all of them. Plus I'm liking the article leverage system that creates a few different versions of your article!

      Anyway, just wanted you to know that you're not alone in getting few (or no) clicks from those sites!

      Hope that helps,

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