Could someone clarify please for Article Marketing

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Hi all,

I hope someone can clarfy this for me.

Lets say I have a website selling hairloss lotions. My goal is to write articles for article directories and drive traffic to my website.

Lets say for example for keywords I have decided to use "top hairloss lotions" So I use that as my anchor text for the website etc.

Now when I write articles for ezines and other directories I will use top hairloss lotions in my resource box as my anchor text.

For the articles can I use other keywords such as hairloss creams, fine hairloss products etc and write other related articles such as how to keep from losing your hair,
and then use top hairloss lotions in my anchor text? Will that help me in the search engines?

Or am I supposed to continually use top hair loss lotions as often as possible in the body of all my articles.

Thank you!
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    Use the keyword you are optimising for in your articles - it's about how often that keyword gets associated with your website. But don't over do things - usually your keywords should be about 3-5% of your article text.

    Then you can of course ALSO include other, related keywords - but I would focus more on writing a good, coherent article around your primary keyword - the rest will follow naturally.
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      Hi Lil

      I think you have it bang on target.

      I try to find 5 closely related keywords and mix them in to an article.
      Sure I have my main keyword in the title, description and resource box. I do not like over doing it in the rest of the article and use closely related keywords to allow me to stay on topic without stuffing the main keyword

      Boy oh boy, its late I hope this makes sense
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    I am a little lost still sorry....

    I recognize that I am going to optimize for my main words in many of the articles I this example
    "top hairloss lotions" ...

    but lets say I am churning out article after article..determined to get my website up there in google etc.

    how many times can I repeat top hair loss lotions articles...should I at that point pick related terms such as

    "fine hair loss creams " or "hair loss oinments" etc and optimize for those KEEPING my main keywords "top hair loss lotions" as my anchor in the bio? And write other articles where "top hair loss lotions" is not the focus?

    Should I even write about related topics such as scalp massage or other hair problems I have topic after topic to write about keeping my main anchor words "top hair loss lotions" in the bio box.

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      Personally I would use 'hair loss' or 'going bald' or 'losing your hair' or 'Alopecia' as the main key words at the beginning of the title. Mention creams or lotions in the title and it just says that you are trying to sell something and not really offering information. I would only use the main keywords once in the first paragraph and use related keywords throughout but included very naturally not forced. 3-5% of the same is far too much and tends to spoil articles.

      Your author bio could lead on naturally from the article with anchor text. For instance: Hair loss needn't be a problem for you any more with top hair loss lotions - or something similar.
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    "You can continually use top hair loss lotions as often as possible in the body (but not too much), but try to use websites that put the title of your articles in the title meta of the page, this will help to optimize the website for the title article."
    Not sure what you mean by try to use websites that put title of your articles in the title meta of the page?

    So lets say I churn out a dozen articles on top hair loss lotions. Should I then churn out some on top hair loss CREAMS (knowing that some people will be searching using the word cream not lotions) keeping top hair loss lotions as my anchor in bio.

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