What's Your Fav Online Past Time?

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Hey Guys,

I am just curious to know what some of your favourite online past times are.

As Internet Marketers most of us spend a lot of time in front of the computer so I was curious what you do online to take a break.

Now I'm not talking about doing other activities offline I am actually talking about things you do on the Internet other than work.

One of the cool little things I do when I am taking a break is play a game or two of stick cricket.

If you are not familar with it I suggest you try it but it can get very addictive

The World's Most Popular Free Online Cricket Game! - Stick Cricket

So what do you guys do to take your mind off work other then actually go outdoors

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  • Profile picture of the author grumpyjacksa
    if you have free time,you ..........

    what ?! free time ?!

    i have to free up time to be here, man.......

    this 24 hr day just isn't long enough any more
    • Profile picture of the author Shannon Herod
      My Favorite past time is the Warrior Forum.

      Well, I guess you could call it more of an addiction.

      When the new forum came out I didnt get a single thing done in 2 days.

      Next would be reading sales letters. I love reading and learning from a good sales pitch.

      Wait.. I mean... I hate all the hype! why are people always trying to sell me! :p

  • Profile picture of the author Muhammad Jalloh
    Hmmm, I think the Warrior Forum wins here. I know my post count doesn't say much about my presence here on the forum, but...

    I would sometimes try to peel myself away from the forum by closing the window where it was, only to open a new one an hour later.

    Just can't help it.

    But hey, ain't it a good addiction to have? And a good past time to pass your time?

    • Profile picture of the author Tristan Bull
      Haha yeah of course the warrior forum.

      I didn't even think of that although I do come here to chill out lol

      I guess I didn't even know the answer to my own question
  • Profile picture of the author Vince Runza Online
    Moving money from my PayPal account to my bank account.
    • Profile picture of the author dorothydot
      I guess my fav online pastime is... research. I love learning! Games get too addicting too fast, so I must avoid them totally.


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