Can somebody help with social site development?

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I have a good idea for a social network site on hip hop niche with a lot of features, gizmos, plugins and content but I still don't know who to contact for development.

Don't want to get the answer like: "Hey! That is a good idea!" and that would be the last words from that person.

Money is not the issue for this site. I see good potential on this site.

So fellow warriors can you give me few directions or advices I would much appriciate it.
If anybody is interested in this project PM me-we will discuss more on the subject.

Please do not take this post as an ordinary newbie question checking out my post count-I have account on other forums with 5000+ post - post count doesn't show what I know and am capable of doing.
#internet marketing #development #site #social #social site development

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