Which To Use? WordPress? Blogger? Weebly?

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Hi warriors. I'm going to be starting a blog and I was wondering if I could get some advice on the best platform to use please.

I know WordPress seems to be the most commonly used, however it seems kind of tricky and sluggish to use in its back office area. Blogger seems to be more user-friendly, but not as customizable. Weebly seems super easy to use and customizable, but perhaps a little basic (unless paid) and perhaps not as prominent.

Will it make any difference to the search engines which one I use (this is prob my most important question)? Do I have to install various plugins for SEO or pinging or submitting to directories, or edit HTML to make sure keywords are listed properly or "meta tagged" (?) or whatever, etc etc?

Essentially I'm looking to create a blog (or a perhaps a website and a "/blog" page) where I can upload content each day in my niche, so it's important that it looks professional and has all the right technical/background components correct so I can get ranked and liked etc. I'd also like to be able to customize it easily (eg add a lead capture box, social media buttons, video content etc) without paying web designers or buying a pricey editing program, so the more "drag n drop" it is, the better.

I know a bit about writing good copy, but not necessarily the technical bits-n-pieces of creating a blog/website, so I don't wanna use the wrong platform or miss something little-but-important that would make a big difference to maximizing my website's potential.

Any advice and recommendations of what to use and why, is most welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Originally Posted by Mike82 View Post

    Weebly seems super easy to use and customizable, but perhaps a little basic (unless paid) and perhaps not as prominent.
    "Unless paid"? Well, don't use it unpaid!

    I like Weebly very much, myself, and have sites there in their 4th successful year of hosting. They're a good and underrated host, in my opinion.

    Blogger is just out of the question, if you want to own and control your own sites and not have them arbitrarily deleted in the night. Check out these threads at your leisure, and then forget Blogger ...

    Originally Posted by Mike82 View Post

    Will it make any difference to the search engines which one I use
    No. With specific exceptions related to host-country-location, geotargeting and local searches, how well a site does for SEO isn't about where it's hosted.

    Almost everyone else who replies will tell you to use self-hosted Wordpress - and they'll give good and valid reasons, too. It has a lot going for it. I don't use it myself (I prefer TypePad), but whatever you do, don't use Blogger or free Weebly sites if it's a serious business venture and you can afford hosting at Hostgator or somewhere (from about $5 per month, as I remember) .
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    I recommend you Wordpress, just get familiar with this and you will not regret, there are lots of tutorials

    I don't like blogger because isn't SEO friendly althoght of course It can be tricked but isn't the same when it comes to an easy way. Others bad points for blogger is that isn't your site, maybe some day Google for some reason decide to close your site and you lose all, and you can't set up an static home page

    The other platform you mention, not heard about, so It seems to me like It isn't a good option, at least for now
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    Personnaly I love wordpress, hosted on my own hosting account of course! Such much you can do with it!
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    I strongly recommend using wordpress. Google loves it. So easy to customize. The features it has can be easily enhanced.
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    I recommend that you start with blogger first then you covert over to WordPress. Blogger really helps your ranking with Google. (no so much with any other search engine) I have made a few successful site by only using blogger, but in the end I always convert to WordPress because it has so many features. If you need any help with making a descant blog with WordPress or blogger ad me on Skype.
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    Platform of choice for me... Wordpress... self hosted not the free one... simple to set up, quick to edit content or change looks... can make it simple and clean or fancy if you want. If others (clients) want a site, this one is easy to manage and is easy for even the most technophobic person.
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    Free wordpress, blogger, weebly, hubpages, you can use them for link building purposes, they are good for this kind of stuffs but you shouldn't give all your effort on these sites to earn money, it would be good if you create your own site by purchasing a domain name and hosting.
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    I'll make another plug for WordPress. But, you simply must get your own hosting account and manually install wp or you will run into a whole slew of security/hacking risks.

    Think of your main business website as the very "heart" of everything you do online. Why would you want to start at "free" and work your way up? This is where you should plow as much money as you can possibly afford to do it right...and then add a few more bucks from there.

    THEN you will perfectly ripe for adding other blogs (blogger, free hosted wordpress, squidoo) to POINT to your main WordPress website/blog.
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    I'd still recommend wordpress, there are a few helpful plugins that will help with your SEO job. With blogger there is quite no great impact when it comes to SEO.
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    I am usng BLogger for my sites. But these sites are good informational ones.

    If you re doing something fishy. Take it on Weebly/Wordpress self hosted.
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    use wordpress.org (with your own domain). Your blogger blog can be terminated without notice. wordpress.com you can't post ads or things like that. Wordpress seems confusing at first, but after a month or so you will be glad you did. There are so many more options.
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    I also go with WordPress which is very popular open source blogging tool which used all over the world because it is easy to manage and update content.
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    Wordpress is hands down the best long-term option.
    If you install it on your own domain, there's almost nothing you can't do with it.
    Plugins and widgets are invaluable, and the blogging format is easy to learn and use.
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    Blogger is more geared towards the beginner user. Its interface is simple to use and very straightforward While WordPress requires some time to adjust to its interface and platform. However, after you learn the ropes, it is easy to navigate.Both have their own features and it depend upon the user which he is going to use....
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    As of my experience i strongly recommend you "WORDPRESS" It is easy to customize and comfortable to anyone. Wordpress has lot of plugins , themes available. Especially now a days its support more in SEO
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    Wordpress is the best choice by far even if you are a beginner.

    After setting up your WP blog, you can actually setup a Wordpress blog in just 10 minutes, you can start blogging in not time.

    There are thousands of guides and resources available so you wont have any problem to start building a nice WP blog using all the latest and trendy WP plugins.
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    Go for Yola, ning or webs. com they provide valuable seo packages and the search results are also good when it comes to clicks and followers. Easy to maintain and themes are really awesome.
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    WordPress is really easy to use. You can make a simple site or a complex site depending on the theme and plug-ins you use. There are many WordPress help videos at YouTube check out the ones by WordPress 101. They key to WordPress is using a theme that is user friendly and allows you to customize without locking you into a certain format.

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