HostGator using windows???

by New Life 5 replies
ive just checked out hostgator and am i right in saying because i have windows (vista) i cant use them??
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    I'm on Windows Vista and I use a HostGator reseller account with no problems at all.

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    The computer that your website will live on (somewhere in Houston, I guess) will be running Linux. It doesn't matter what operating system you have got.

    You can use a program like AceFTP to transfer files between your computer and the server where your website 'lives' without a problem.

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      the reason i asked was when i went to hostgator website they have to tabs...linu and windows...

      i just assumed they were trying to identify what operating system I was using..

      therefore i clicked windows and the message read something like..."Windows Web Hosting Coming Soon!!"

      Just wasnt sure what that meant!!

      So im good to go then??
      Free WSO To Come!!
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    Hi, that is the hosting servers they use. Linux platform or Windows, not your system.

    They currently offer linux hosting for websites and will be releasing windows hosting accounts soon. This is nothing to do with your own system.


    Sean Donahoe
    The Manic Marketer
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      As pointed out, it's what's running on their server, not on your PC.

      Most shared hosting and a lot of commercial hosting is run under what's called LAMP which stands for Linux (the operating system), Apache (the web server program) MySQL (the database system) and PHP (the programming language).

      A lot of corporate internal systems run under Windows servers. They use IIS for the web server, ASP.NET using the C# or VB.NET programming languages and SQL Server or Oracle for the database.

      HostGator currently only has LAMP hosting available but they want to offer Windows hosting at some point. I guess it is kind of confusing how they have it setup right now on their description page.
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