What is a good number of visitors per day to shoot for.

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For selling advertising on a website, what is good number of unique visitors per day to shoot for to make the site make money? If I were looking to make $100.00 per day how many unique hits would I need per day?
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    The answer is quite simple it's "How long is a piece of string?"

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    If I was advertising on your site I'd want to be
    sure that your visitors were closely matched
    with my offer before I worried about the volume
    of traffic.

    Then I'd want to know what other advertisers
    I'd be competing with.

    Then, I'd want to know that I'd be getting a
    good return on my advertising dollars...

    Assuming I'm selling a $25 product with a 2%
    conversion rate, I'd need to make 4 sales to
    break even. 4 sales would require 200 unique

    Now, assuming I was getting an optimistic
    1% CTR on a banner or text link, your site
    would need to have 20,000 uniques a day
    to generate that break even.

    But who wants to break even?

    I'd be looking for at least 50,000 uniques
    a day to even consider advertising on such
    a site.

    And, if you were getting 50k uniques a day
    I'd be wondering just how targeted those
    visitors were.

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    As someone who is struggling with the same issue, my answer is how many can you get? The real question is how do you get valid targeted traffic?

    The number of tools out there are voluminous. Adwords, eZines, Blogs, jv etc but what works best is still an unknown , well, at least for me. I'm trying them all as best as I can but the answer is still out there waiting to be found.
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    Depends on your niche, some blogs I go for 100 a day and some 10,000.
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