Unlisted google videos for a private membership site?

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I'm trying to think of the best way to include videos in a membership site that keeps it secure from outsiders. I have signed up for Amazon s3 for the sake of keeping the large number of videos (and therefore bandwidth) off my server. From my understanding, videos there can be set for 'anyone can read' but they will not show in search results in any way. But then I just found that google video also has an 'unlisted' option that keep videos out of search results. This seems like a good free alternative. Anyone think of a negative or a way anyone but members could easily access the videos if I have them embedded in my site?


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    Why not just protect them or put them inside a protected members area area?

    You could use a flv script of some sort and simply protect the Video area.

    What Membership Software are you using?
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      I host all mine on my site and they're in flash format. That way they can't be downloaded, (at least not easily and without some technical knowledge). They do burn up the bandwidth though but that's the price you pay for going the video route I guess.

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