Moleskin notebook users?

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Currently I'm using my Moleskin small notebook to keep todo-'s, lists, project specifics, etc.. but, man, it runs out way too quickly.

Especially due to the fact that I create sections in the notebook ( by sticking labels on the edges) for lists, to-do's, and the rest.

Is there a thicker replacement,.. an easy-to-carry-but-larger notebook that anyone here swears by?

Doesn't have to be a Moleskin and doesn't have to expensive like they are. I'd be okay with a cheaper price
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    I don't know if you want it to look pretty but i just cut up pieces of scrap paper that might have gotten jammed in the printer or something and staple them together. This way, I don't feel as wasteful and I don't have to spend the money on something fancy.

    I have to admit though, the ones from Pristine Planet seem pretty nice and are eco-friendly.

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