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Hi Warriors,

I just had a horrific experience with one of my domains. Apparently, the auto-renew was somehow turned off and it didn't get renewed. The next day after expiry, it was put up for sale. I just added a comment to the thread I started to get feedback from Warriors and thought it would be more beneficial if I started a new thread so it will stand out.

You can follow the rest of the thread here:

Here's the important addition:


I have just received notification from Midphase that it is NOT their policy to sell any of the domains being hosted on their server. However, mine WAS put up for sale and could very easily have been purchased, right out from under me. They thought I was making it up.

If you want to see the listing that went up the day after my domain expired, it's here (unless they take it down):

Midphase has issued an apology:
"I do apologize, as I was unaware that any of our domain names are put up for sale after expiration."

but it doesn't instill much confidence in the process. They have no idea how the auto-renew got turned off for this domain, and have given me no indication that they will ensure this doesn't happen in the future, or if they will be looking into whether they do or do not put domains up for sale.

I strongly advise you to keep tabs on your domains to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

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    Hello Sylvia,
    On occasion, I have forgotten to renew domains too. It is hard to keep up with everything at once. Especially when most of us have so many domains and not all of them are on the same account.

    There are so many pitfalls when dealing with multiple companies, a few of which may go under with little or no notice. One of my toughest times was when I tried to renew a couple of domains that were linked to an email I no longer owned. I had been changing ISPs and using their own email addresses instead of my own domain based emails. I did finally get things resolved, but it took some work and plenty of emails.

    Fortunately, there is software now that can help keep some organization to managing all the domains such as where they are registered, login information, dates to renew, etc. This is increasingly important as each domain becomes more valuable to us. We certainly don't want to lose them just because we forgot to renew them.

    Good luck,
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      Hi! I have a similar experience of having my domain name expired. But I always received lots of notices, days before the expiry and after it expired. Those kinds of reminders though annoying are very helpful especially if you are a busy person. I sometimes forget to renew my domain on time, luckily, they still have this “grace period”. I hope I won’t experience what you had because it is scary
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    I have had them taken out from under me before by the so-called hosting company, since they registered the name it was theirs to do with as they wish. I was young and new then and learned real quick free domain names with cheap hosting dont work.

    I have been with for many years now and all my names are registered there. Never fails, I get notified on a 30 day mark, 15 day mark, 7 day mark to renew. They have like $5.99 transfers going on now .. maybe you should check them out.

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      I have had this happen to me in the past. Fortunately, I was able to renew the domain without too many problems.

      A while back someone on this forum recommended the Domain Acquisition Manager software by BIG Mike, and that's what I've been using to manage all my domains for the past few months. This software allows you to keep track of all your domains from a single application that runs on your desktop. You don't need to login individually into each account to check domain details. A big timesaver !

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    I don't even think it is LEGAL to sell your domain right after expiration! You generally have a period AFTER expiration where you can simply RENEW! OpenSRS, and I believe Godaddy, have that. And the fact that they will sell it AT A PROFIT is downright criminal! They are saying that YOU added value and since you lost it THEY should use the value YOU were giving it to get a profit for THEM!

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      Originally Posted by seasoned View Post

      I don't even think it is LEGAL to sell your domain right after expiration!
      While some people may think or even feel that way, why do they think or feel
      an expired domain name is still theirs if they don't renew their agreement in a
      timely manner? Do you still own "your" apartment unit if you don't renew your
      rental agreement on time, much more its unit owner lease it to someone else?

      Folks, your provider's contract, registrar or reseller, defines your relationships
      and responsibilities. Many if not all state you don't own it, and it also states
      what you practically can and can do with it subject to the contract's terms.

      FYI, at least one U.S. court decision (Umbro) defined domain names as being
      "creatures of contract". The domain name won't be registered and won't exist
      if you don't agree to your provider's contract.

      (And forget the decision. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals indeed said
      they're "property" in terms of tort of conversion, but they didn't say they are
      such for any and all other circumstance.)

      Sylvia, one reason what happened in your case is probably because Midphase
      doesn't necessarily have full control over those domain names, depending on
      their registrar partner. That's something they can try to work it out with their
      registrar partner, but the registrar can practically do anything to the domain if
      it's expired and not done something about on time.

      But this thread does ask a potentially relevant question: what can one do to
      make sure this doesn't happen to them?

      A few members gave one answer by keeping tabs on their renewals. One thing
      I'll also add is to ask if you will be the listed "owner" or registrant if you decide
      to register the domain name with them, unless you're doing it directly with the
      registrar which hardly is a problem.

      (Incidentally I wrote a report on this. Maybe I'm being a fool, but I'm rather a
      bit hesitant to offer it because I can't guarantee it'll work for you, though I do
      give a few things to try out that could work...)
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    It's your business so it's your problem! Never rely totally on computers and software for anything. Use the old fashioned pen and paper and write a list of domains and expiry dates. It's very simple and quick.

    It may not have been brilliant customer service but it's your oversight that caused the attempted selling of your domain name.
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      Thanks Davezan and Matt...

      You are right in all that you say.

      Fortunately, my domain was saved, but the story behind it is rather interesting (for me anyway) as I've never heard of this before.

      Apparently, when I ordered the hosting service through an affiliate of Midphase, that affiliate had his account set as one-time domain registrations. Midphase put my account under that same type of "special account". When I took the hosting offer from the affiliate, it really had nothing much to do with whatever he was selling along with it, which makes this even more odd.

      However, all is resolved.

      Here is the final response from Midphase that explains it better than I can:
      I do understand that you paid for a renewal and this WAS a glitch, both in our system, as well as a human error as {name deleted by me} should have checked this when he reactivated the account and took payment. Again, my apologies for your trouble there. We do not send renewal notices on the domains as for 99.9% of our accounts we renew them automatically.

      You were in an a special account type for an affiliate that had requested that we not auto-renew the accounts, that's why you received the click to renew notice.

      Your account has been moved to our standard brand, and your domain is on auto-renew. This *should* never be an issue for you in the future.

      The domains do not automatically get sold, the link you saw gives a place where you can CONTACT the registrar to see if they're willing to sell the domain. In this case had we gotten an inquiry, the first thing we would have checked is to see if you had A. an active account with us, an B. if you had paid for a renewal.

      As you did have an account and had paid for the renewal, we would have declined any bids and corrected your registration issues at that point.
      I hope this information helps other Warriors who buy hosting through affiliates. And for affiliate promoting hosting programs where this might become an issue.

      At this point, everything is fine. My domain has been rescued. I've regained my composure. All is well.

      Thanks everyone who helped me through this situation and for all your excellent & wise guidance and support.


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