Affiliate links at Ezinearticles?!

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I just read an article over at ezines and the guy signed off with an affiliate link. Not a link to a site with an affiliate link but a direct link to the affiliated website.

I thought this was against their policies. Have they changed the rules, gotten lax in enforcing them, or did this guy just get lucky that an editor didn't catch it?

Thanks in advance.

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    He got lucky.
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      Yep, I'd agree that he got lucky, unless he has some "in" with the editors over there - or maybe he IS one of the editors.

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      Originally Posted by BenShaffer View Post

      He got lucky.

      Haha! I agree he has got a tad lucky! This seems to be a one-off success. The editors at EZA are pretty overwhelmed so it is understandable that they sometimes overlook things like plr articles, affiliate links, etc.

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    He isn't supposed to do that. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure you can't.
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      in my experiance a few articles slip under the radar. i've got articles approved that contravine their rules. maybe he/she got lucky.
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    This is pretty easy to do. I thought everyone new how.

    Submit a link using a redirect script. Wait for it to be approved. Then change where it redirects.

    That's what pretty much everyone uses FLC for.
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      Actually even if there was an affiliate link that was accidentally approved for the article, I wouldn't want that to show in my article and I would go back and change it unless it's a clean redirect.

      Not only are affiliate links ugly, but they're really obvious.

      The best thing to do is redirect through Cpanel, masking, or using a script.

      Frank Bruno

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