Giveaway Event Software Advice?

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Hi all,

I'm exploring doing a giveaway event in a NONE-IM niche, and would like your pros and cons on the softwares that are available for that kind of event.

I will also accept any "dos" or "don'ts" you may have to pass along too.

I'm not new to the internet, nor to marketing in general, but this will be the first time doing a JV giveaway event.

Thanks in advance!
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    Have you looked at Giveaway Manager 2? Seems a bit pricey to me, but I know a lot of people who use it.
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    I like you was worried what software for my upcoming giveaway should I use,

    I have found Scott Cases Ultimate JV Giveaway Script easy to set-up with many options.
    It is a well good script with a many features.

    I have joined a group: Joint Venture Social Network (free to join) Within the JVME is a group Called
    Giveaway events - You could ask what software other use?

    Hope this helps
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      Originally Posted by articlemaddness View Post

      I am finding it easy to set-up.
      Just joined a Group you might find interesting,
      I have joined a group:
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Joint Venture Social Network
      (free to join)
      I set up a Blog for comments about Giveaway events

      Join the Giveaway event group at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for more insights.
      Hope this helps
      I suggest you stop spamming the forum with affiliate links... Jumping into every JV thread you can find...


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