How to recruit affiliates to sell you product

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I`m thinking about best way to recruit affiliates.
I `m preparing my first product , its cheap just want to see how it goes.
My first idea is preparing free version - just a sample - and give it to affiliates with their affiliate link in it to cause viral effect...

any suggestions ?
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    I have the same issues!

    Here are some suggestions for you. They seem to be working for me so far.

    1. I have recently sent out a press release. I've already received some feedback.

    2. I have created a page on my site dedicated to affiliates. Again, this technique has
    brought me quite a bit of traffic and some new partnerships.

    I hope this helps.
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      If you are planning to sell the product as a WSO or or through JVZoo, then offer a great commission (like 80% or higher) and if your product is good enough, affiliates will come to you.
      An affiliate page with email swipes and/or banners is also a good idea. JVZoo allows you to add an email swipe, without having to set up a separate page.
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      Where did you send the press release ?
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    Not sure how much this would help, but the past couple of days I've seen people recuirting affiliates on Elance...

    Might wanna check that out.
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    1) Sign up for clickbank

    2) Sign up for paydotcom

    3) Create an affiliate sign up form and submit to affiliate directories

    4) Advertise on clickbank about your affiliate program

    5) Have an "affiliates" link at the bottom (or top) of your webpage
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    Join one of the WSO mastermind groups!

    Setup 100% commission on the front end and 50% on the OTO
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    Network. Login to W+ and JVZOO and get in contact with other sellers in the same niche as you. Don't just contact them and ask them to promote. Spark up a conversation first and really get to know them.

    Also join the affiliate mastermind groups as well like sovereignn mentioned. this is one of the best ones out there Exclusive Facebook Group For WSO Product Creators
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      Just signed with jvzoo , there is an option to get JV partnership.
      Which you can give bigger commision , but dont know how to find them and how will I know how big lists they have.
      Still dont know if my offer went live.
      The good thing with jvzoo is that you dont need to pay anything upfront.

      Do you know any other programs with no upfront costs and big afiliate network ?
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    Make sure to keep the commission over 75%

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