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Hi fellow warriors,

I'm about to create my product but rather stuck on this issues.

I know that frontend and backend products must be relevant and backend are usually a bigger and more-packed value relevant product than the front-end.

1.)What I want to know is that, should I start by creating my frontend or backend product first?

2.)How should I plan my project? Please list them accordingly : 1st,2nd and 3rd
-Get all the graphics done
-Brainstorm and register a domain name
-create and complete my product, then add in twists according to the domain name and graphics

Really hope I can get some help on this as I have been thinking over and over again for the past week.

Thanks in advance guys!
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    Let's see definitely create your product 1st and go from there. As you're creating it, things might change and everything should be based of the product.

    Second (and I realize this is in reverse order) create one product and test it out. Then create a second product and test it out. If they do well than choose one and make it your backend and one your front end. Or better yet, create a third product and use your first to for backend to that product.

    My point is worry about creating and promoting one product at a time. Otherwise you spend all your time creating products and have nothing to show for it. You can always go back and sell previous customers your backend product, but why spend all the time to create two products and when you don't even know if the first one will sell.
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      If you create your backend product first, or your "complete package", you can then extract parts of that to make the front end....

      Example: I may make a training course which is video based around screen capture.

      That could be my backend product. From that I could have the audios transcribed into a pdf, and make a front end "special report" out of that.

      Just and idea, hope that helps.


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