Amazon aStore question.

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So I've got 2 websites up and running. One is very new, about 10 days old, the other is about 4 months and is finally showing signs of some non-spammer life.

My question is, is it worth it have an Amazon aStore in conjunction with these sites?

I try to focus my sites on news and tips related to my niches but when I get stuck I will do a product review. Both sites have plenty of products related to them. More then I could ever hope to review. The newer site is strictly Amazon at the moment, the other is through a different affiliate and is using Adsense. The other affiliate can easily be converted over to Amazon without a problem.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    I have a website with the amazon astore on it. And honestly I get no traffic from the astore. I think in cases all the choices may deter from buying from the amazon astore. I think if you could do a review on one product and maybe somewhere on a side bar add the amazon astore. Test test test... however just because I dont get traffic that does not mean you will not. Try it and see, if it does not work you can always swtich back to the old way.
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    If you are serious about Amazon, steer clear of the astores. They convert terribly and look very unprofessional in most cases.
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    I think most of us start Amazon affiliate using aStore. Then we know that aStore is not working.

    If the potential buyer know that they will buy it from Amazon, then review is what the looking for.

    If they find the product name specifically then aStore wont come on search engine. You will better getting traffic from long tail by doing regularly update and rank that long tail.

    If you use WordPress you can use WP Robot or WPZon builder, its work great for me. You can find a lot of WordPress theme specially designed both for 1. review site or 2. automatic update niche site.

    Before that, i will suggest to seriously give more attention to keyword research. Using great local searches keyword as EMD will help to rank easily. 500+ local searches with EMD is cool. Check the niche, dig deep. Use Adwords as starting point, and play with your own favorite keyword research tools to dig deeper. If you know how to do it (or lucky) you will found the nugget

    I prefer to combine 5 or more unique product reviews with full Amazon product update using plugin. Use the review to rank and the auto update to get new visits. Regular update site tend to get more visitor and rank for a while after the post published. And build more (and more). More site you build, more traffic you got, more potential buyer deliver, more you will earn

    Amazon site with EMDs
    working awesome for me
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    SuperPreneurship is spot on, if you are going to automate anything use wp-robot as this will give you more room to flex and create a customized template making it harder for SE to detect automation.

    All the best - amazon can be a beast!
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    Why use aStore? Why let someone else dictate how your sales convert? I'm sure you could do better mate...
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    There are so many things wrong with the above post that I'm not even going to attempt to dispute them.

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