WSO's - does having no comments mean 0 sales?

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Something I have been wondering for a while now and something I want to know before I launch my own WSO.

When a wso is launched and in the first 24 hours (even 12 hours to get the buzz going) it has received no comments or questions on the thread (aside from reviews if any)... Does that mean the wso made no sales?

And from an experianced wso seller I need to know something else.

Refund rates: if its a genuin product not something rehashed and just reworded does it have a high refund rate?

One last thing before I end my tangent, do you have to be known to make at least 10 sales @ $10 a pop for your first wso or does it depend on the offer + graphics?

Thanks in advance!
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    Probably means there is no interest in the product, or that it has fallen off the first page so people can't it. How would you get those 10 sales if you can't launch one in the first place. That makes no sense.
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    It doesn't mean anything.

    Some people ask for comments and feedback (or even reward such things).

    I've had WSOs that have sold over 100 product with very few comments - but lots of emails and PMs saying how great it was.

    The comments section is not really supposed to be there to get testimonials - but that's how a lot of people use it.
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    Agree with above but, it would be very abnormal for a WSO that had quite a few sales to have no comments.

    A small but certain percentage seem to come back and leave a comment or review whether they fell it's good or bad. So no comments, probably means no interest in it in the day or so that it was on page 1 on the WSO thread.

    It probably also means there are no affiliates promoting it.
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    I think one can be safe to assume that if there are little to no comments, most likely the WSO isn't selling so well.

    In saying that, it could mean the seller has an excellent sales letter explaining everything and a water tight checkout process, so buyers are satisfied and received what they were after!

    In answer to your last question, no, you don't need to be known to achieve 10 sales at $10 a pop. It's simple, create a good product, market it well with a good sales letter and you will be selling well.

    Of course there are other factors that can boost your sales such as giving review copies for testimonials, adding a bonus or to, getting professional sales copy written and/or graphics, recruiting JVs and affiliates to promote.
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    1. No comments does not mean no sales. There is no direct correlation between the two.

    2. Refund rates are totally dependent on the product and how closely it lives up to the promises made on your salespage. This is impossible for anyone to predict.

    3. 10 sales is a very small number. I would seriously question the product if you were not able to make at least 10 sales.

    4. Graphic salespage range in price from less than $100 to over $500. It all depends on quality. You get what you pay for.
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    Thanks will! Much appreciated!
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    Most wso's will get some comments, even those that aren't selling well. Sometimes it's just questions about what's in the product, are there oto's, will the webinars be recorded - things like that.

    Refund rates,as mentioned will vary, sometimes greatly. And measuring them, in the first few days, or even a week, can be misleading. True refund rates usually show up weeks later, as refund deadlines loom. If I had to cite a range I'd say anywhere from 2% to 9%, with outliers both directions.

    Making 10 sales could be done by anyone, as there are almost always 10 people on the forum who will take a shot at something that sounds good, in that price range. But the better the copy, the better the sales in general.

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