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I've been paying a lot more attention to structuring my articles recently. My CTR has sky rocketed from about 7% to and average of 72% (over the last two weeks). A recent article has a CTR of 93% from 124 views (and counting).

It is amazing what a little thought does when writing your contents/sales letter/articles. It is all too easy to get stuck in the "numbers game mentality" where you get obsessed at simply churning out the articles.

I urge you all to focus on quality not quntity.
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    Maybe you could elaborate on some specific steps that you took? That would be much more enlightening for the rest of us.
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      one thing I have found to be killer is to followa pattern/structure and constantly tweak it an try to improve it. for example my intro paragraph always contains the following:

      - i identify myself as someone like them (e.g "i used to suffer from acne....")
      - i explain I had the same problem as them (e.g " my acne made me self concious and convinced that i was wasting my time trying to attract girls")
      - i describe my situation now (e.g. "now i no longer worry about my skin. It is not perfect but it is so much nbetter my self confidance has returned")

      when i write my articles I always have this template infront of me so i know exactly what each paragraph will contain.

      the results have been dramatic. there has been steady improvements in ctr as i tweak the points i try to make.

      hope this is of some use.

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