Totally confused - need some tech advice, please!

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Here's my weird problem:

In the WHM panel for a reseller account, if I click on a site to view it I can't access that site.

Instead, I get a "download frame" that says

You have chosen to open

which is a application/x-httpd-php5

and then gives me the choice to choose a method to open or to save to disk

If I use google search to look up the site I can access one of the sites - but doing this with other sites I get the same download message.

This started this morning - have done nothing to change any of the sites - and HG can't explain it either. There is no sign of hacking or anything that would be causing this - and it seems to be happening only to me with my own sites.

Does anyone know what could cause this? I'm totally flummoxed.


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    Hi Kay,

    Did HG update to a new PHP version maybe?

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      Kay, I think I know the problem.

      You probably have no file association set up on your PC for php5 files, which is PHP version 5. Up until recently, most sites used PHP 4.14 I think it is or
      some other version 4.

      I think if you just associate it with the program you want to open it with (IE,
      Firefox, whatever) you'll be all right.

      There must have been a recent switch to PHP5 on your site for those pages
      in question.

      That's my guess, though I could be wrong.

      Won't be the first time.

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