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I'm hoping someone has good information on this question. I sell on eBay physical items.
I sell to the US, UK, Canada and Australia. With PayPal US, UK, and Canada are covered in what they call "sellers protection" since these countries have addresses they can confirm.

Not so for Australia. As a result I sell limited quantity to protect myself from charge backs. Which I hear you don't want to get into with paypal. I'm getting more and more people wanting larger order quantity from Australia.

My point and question is: Is there an alternative for people in the states to use to take payment away from eBay that protects the seller from charge backs and other unpleasant physical goods occurrences?

(Boy, I love selling digital products more and more)

Thanks very much,
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    If you sell via Paypal to Australians, then if you use package tracking, then you can prove your product was sold and delivered to the customer. Paypal should then protect you!

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      Hello Sam,

      The only way paypal will protect me is if I get a signature that they (paypal) can look at it online. As I check out USPS, about the only afordable way to go, I don't think express mail offers this in Australia. According to paypal I have to get a sig if the order is over $250. So as I understand it now it's a catch 22 unless I go with a high priced carrier.


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