What do you think of my product/presentation?

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I could really use some feedback on a product I have been developing:

It's a new YouTube video downloader PHP script, that basically lets you run
your own video download service which I am releasing for free:

Youtube Video Download & Converter Script - My Video Downloader

Has anyone else used this approach and given their software away for free
(with your "Powered By Link") with the paid option to remove the link?

Also, what do you think about the 'mini-sales-copy'?

Any thoughts/suggestions/beta testers would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

- Jared
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    There was a little confusion in my mind with the URL on top and the download button.

    What I mean is... your site looked like other YouTube download services until I read further. I'm thinking you need a seperate page for each.

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