Best course on having your own product launch/evergreen launch?

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I've been wanting to really build my brand, and go with an evergreen product launch either with a money making guide, or software + money making guide.

I've done this before but it was low key and I had to close down the software cause it cost too much to maintain.

I want to do it right this time, and get affiliates, drive traffic, etc.

Any good tutorials, or full on courses that will help me out on this?
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    Originally Posted by Edwin Torres View Post


    I've a launched a few products of my own on the WarriorForum, but want to venture out and make my own products on my own domain name.

    What product out there would you recommend that'll help me out?

    It should cover:
    *Product ideas
    *How to setup everything
    *and other small stuff

    I'm working on a report right now that goes over this stuff because I had
    to get down and dirty and learn it all myself.

    I know Jeff Walkers Product launch formula was an all inclusive
    animal -

    I have massive experience with Payment gateways/processors/aff trackers

    All of that stuff... So if you have super specific questions I can give
    you fast and actionable advice.

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    John Reese's very first "Traffic Secrets" products.

    Second to that is "StomperNet".
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    Hi Edwin Torres

    For me:

    Mass Control I, II by Frank Kern
    Dan Kennedy
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    For me,it is Jeff Walker's "Product Launch Formula".That is the best training I have ever went through on the topic of product launches.

    Frank Kern's "Mass Control" is also an excellent resource to learn about the psychology of your prospects and how to influence them to become your rabid fans and purchase any item you recommend them.
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    Thanks for all the responses guys
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    Jason Parker and Matt Bacak released a new product launch WSO at 11 today. Coming from those two it is a no brainer.
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    Bump.......Product Launch Formula is closed (and way to expensive) and Six Figure Alliance is closed aswell.

    ANy other recommendations?
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    The most amazing evergreen product launch course I've ever seen is Sales Funnel Revolution by Hector Yague (not an affiliate link)

    You can see it summed up in about 5 minutes here :

    This course is incredibly expensive but amazing!

    It goes into minute detail about exactly how to set up an evergreen continuous product launch that leads the customer from opt in to drip fed "up to the launch" content that is designed to fan the customer's desire for the product to webinars that happen without your involvement that whip the customer into a frenzy and the the final release date where they get a discount on the product if they act fast.

    All of this happens on autopilot once set up and from there, your only job is to drive traffic to the squeeze page and collect checks .

    All scripts and themes needed to make this happen are provided in the product and it is truly phenomenal to study.

    Again, a bit pricey, but owning it myself, would have to say it is positively worth every penny.
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    Six Figure Alliance by Kenster gets my vote. I am a member and it covers everything in great detail. I highly recommend it.
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    I have Frank Kern's mass control 2.0 available cheap on the classified ads if you are interested still
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    Six Figure Kenster. It is not just Product Creation that I love, Kenster also provides basic training about mindset and how you attract more blessings into your life.
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    Six Figure Alliance, no doubt about that. Its not only product creation, with a bit thinking you can implement what you learn to everything you do in your business.

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