XSite Pro and Paypal

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I hope this is the proper place for asking this question

I am using the XSite Pro software and would appreciate any help

I am in the process of finishing up my first website. I followed the instructions in both the book and the video showing how to insert the paypal logo.

I am able to insert the logo ok but the image does not show up, just a box that says paypal with a red x in side of the box.

When I click on the box, I am forwarded to paypal, so I know that its working.

Any idea on how to get the paypal image to show up.

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    Are you using XSitePro1 or XSitePro2?

    And, you should go to XSitePro forum to seek for help.

    Anyway, you can always click on the "Preview" button to see if it works.
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      I am using XSite Pro 2.

      I have posted a similar question on the XSite Pro forum with no replys, so I reposted the question again today just prior to posting here.


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